Passover: The Story of Redemption

The staff of Your Mission to the Jewish People has been presenting a demonstration called Messiah in the Passover at hundreds of churches.

Jewish Testimonies from Passover

I did it: I gave my life to Jesus as Messiah and Lord. The bridge was crossed, and there was no turning back. But what had I done? What did it mean? 

Learn More About Passover

In 2014, Passover falls April 14 - 22. Enjoy these resources to learn more about Passover, its traditional celebration, and its fulfillment in Jesus.

Presenting the Gospel through Passover

The Passover seder not only recounts Israel's escape from their harsh enslavement under Pharaoh, but also presents a clear picture of redemption.


Find a Speaker Near You

During the Passover / Easter season, representatives of Chosen People Ministries will be presenting "Messiah in the Passover" in churches across the country. Search our database by ZIP code to find a speaker in your area.

Ministry News Briefs

Israel Director Michael Z. officiated a service at the Jordan River with seven candidates for baptism in attendance. As Michael started to preach the Gospel, a big crowd of people gathered.