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Our International Messianic Centers:


The Jerusalem Messianic Center, a 3500-square-foot building that is only a twenty-minute walk from the Western Wall, provides office space for our growing staff as well as meeting rooms for a number of different activities. The Center offers a homelike atmosphere to bring seekers for special programs, such as Gospel-oriented videos, and serves as a home base for Chosen People Ministries' short-term missions. It also hosts training seminars for Messianic leaders from Israel and around the world.

Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Messianic Center is a centrally located three-story building that is easy to get to from anywhere in the city or country. The facility has a meeting hall for congregations to hold their services, seminars and classes. It also has a fully-equipped industrial kitchen, which will be used for soup kitchen ministries, and a large storage room that will become a distribution center for the needy. Once a week the Center will also host a coffee shop outreach with live music called the Center Cafe. The third story will be utilized for children's classrooms, adult classes, and two small offices; in 2010 the children's rooms will be used for the first phase of a Messianic K-12 school.  Please pray that this facility will become a major center for ministry in Tel Aviv!


The Berlin Messianic Center is the first building dedicated to Jewish evangelism in Germany and perhaps in all of Europe since World War II. The location itself is a stirring testimony of God's faithfulness even in the midst of unimaginable evil, for the building is only about ten minutes from where Hitler's generals developed the "Final Solution" that would lead to the deaths of more than six million Jewish people. Special services, outreach events and classes are among the activities taking place there.


The Chosen People Ministries Messianic Center in Argentina is located in Buenos Aires, which is home to more than 200,000 Jewish people. This hub of ministry coordinates administration, worship services, evangelistic outreaches and volunteer activities such as spiritual counseling and hospital visitation.


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