Our Center is in the heart of the traditional Jewish community in Buenos Aires, home to the largest Jewish population in South America.

Australia - Lawrence Hirsch

Celebrate Messiah operates in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They have planted Messianic congregations and fellowships, done direct evangelism and recently begun an amazing work in Far East Russia. Our workers in Australia also help people with practical needs, distributing food and clothing for the sake of the Gospel. Dozens of Jewish people come to the Lord each year through these ministries.

Canada - Jorge Sedaca

Our new leader in Canada is Jorge Sedaca, the brother of David, one of our senior staff members in the U.S., and son of Victor Sedaca, who led the work of Chosen People Ministries in Argentina for more than two decades. Our ministry in Canada is focused on evangelism, planting Messianic congregations and equipping the Church to reach their local Jewish communities, friends and family. We are also renovating a new Messianic Center in Toronto, a great city of almost 300,000 Jewish people.

France - Guy Athia

Guy travels extensively, reaching out to Jewish people throughout France and Switzerland. He also produces The Shepherd of Israel, a quarterly publication that is both evangelistic and designed to help Christians understand the Jewish roots of their faith. We are currently praying that God would allow us to open a work in Paris, which has the largest concentration of Jewish people in France.

Germany - Vladimir Pikman

The work in Germany is primarily focused on reaching the almost 300,000 Russian Jews who have immigrated to Germany in the last two decades. We have planted fellowships or Messianic congregations in ten cities across Germany and established a Messianic Center in Berlin. Director Vladimir Pikman is also actively involved in building our works in Ukraine and Russia, and Berlin has become one of our bases for ministry to the hundreds of thousands of Jewish people still living in the former Soviet Union.

Netherlands - Renaldo van de Schuur

Renaldo is beginning the work of Chosen People Ministries among the Jewish people in the Netherlands. This is a unique ministry field because many Dutch Gentile Christians love the Jewish people and pray for the salvation of Israel. We hope that many will pray for us, support our work, and join us in reaching the Jewish people of the Netherlands for Messiah.

Hong Kong - Mark Lam

Hong Kong is a center for praying, sending and giving to support our ministries across the globe. The ministry in Hong Kong has sent a missionary couple to Israel, a young woman to New York City and another young woman to Australia. We look forward to many years of exciting ministry partnership with our branch in Hong Kong.

Israel - Michael Z.

Through our staff members in Israel and our Centers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, we are reaching Israelis for the Lord, planting congregations, and ministering to those with practical needs, such as Holocaust survivors. Our staff has had a fruitful ministry helping these elderly Eastern European immigrants, and we are able to touch many lives for the Lord. We also have a dynamic youth ministry that utilizes camping and concerts to reach children and young adults.

New Zealand - Scott B.

In New Zealand, we aim to reach the tens of thousands of Israelis who backpack through the country every year. Many are looking for the deeper meaning of life—what great opportunities we have to witness to them! Scott B. lives on the South Island and is busy sharing the Gospel with Israelis and training Christians to reach these young seekers.

Russia - Kirill P.

Kirill leads a Messianic congregation in Moscow and is conducting evangelistic campaigns among Jewish people throughout the former Soviet Union. He also trains young Messianic missionaries and Christians who want to reach their Jewish friends. At this time, there are 400,000 Jewish people in Moscow; it has become the “Jewish capital” of the former Soviet Union.

Ukraine - Alexander Sereda

Alexander leads a Messianic congregation in the city of Kharkov, which was one of the great Jewish centers of Ukraine. Many of its inhabitants have left for Israel, but those who have stayed are usually old and unable to leave. Alex has had a tremendous ministry to them and is a true example of a shepherd caring for his sheep.

United Kingdom - Daniel N.

The work in the United Kingdom continues to grow. Daniel conducts regular Bible studies and evangelistic activities, and does all he can to be part of the Orthodox Jewish community of Golders Green in London. It is a blessing to see how Jewish lives have been touched with the Gospel.

United States - Mitch Glaser

We continue to serve the Lord in most of the major Jewish population centers throughout the United States. We have started Messianic Outreach Centers and planted Messianic congregations everywhere from Manhattan to Los Angeles to Chicago, as well as in many other cities across the country. Recently we conducted an evangelistic campaign focusing on Isaiah chapter 53, and hundreds of Jewish people responded. We have begun a seminary program in partnership with the Talbot School of Theology of Biola University to train missionaries to the Jewish people; there are now about twenty students in the program. Most recently, we have purchased a building for a Center in Brooklyn, which is currently being renovated and hopefully will be ready in the spring.

Did you know...?

  • There are about 200,000 Jewish believers worldwide and approximately 15,000 in Israel.
  • There are over 400 Messianic congregations around the world.
  • Messianic Jewish organizations include: The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, The Association of Messianic Congregations, The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, and The International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues.



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