Inside Israel Today

The current hostilities between Israel and Gaza have now stretched on for weeks. Read the latest news from our staff members on the ground in Israel, and find out how Chosen People Ministries is working in the midst of the conflict.

Shalom Brooklyn 2014

Shalom Brooklyn 2014

Shalom Brooklyn is an outreach offering peace through Jesus to the Jewish people of Brooklyn and New York City. Check this page for pictures, videos, ministry reports, & prayer requests to be posted during the outreach!


How can we help you this summer?

We have many messages to encourage and challenge your church, such as "The Gospel According to Isaiah 53", "The Church's Biblical Responsibility Toward the Jewish People", or "God's Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East."

Our Ministry to Holocaust Survivors

Our-Ministry-to-Holocaust-Survivors 2

In the midst of the war with Hamas, there is a group of innocent victims in Israel that I wanted to tell you about... people whom we have been serving aand loving throughout the year, and especially now during the conflict.