Inside Israel Today

As the current conflict nears the two-week mark, hostilities continue between Israel and the Palestinians. While Israel has reportedly agreed to the terms presented by the Egyptians, Hamas has rejected the proposal and has been unwilling to meet with Israeli delegates in Egypt.

Israel needs help NOW!

The nation of Israel is in great peril today. Hundreds of missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel. Please help us take elderly Holocaust survivors from their homes in Sderot to a safer location for at least three days!


How can we help you this summer?

We have many messages to encourage and challenge your church, such as "The Gospel According to Isaiah 53", "The Church's Biblical Responsibility Toward the Jewish People", or "God's Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East."

Ministry News Briefs

Staff member Michael Cohen loves to share the Gospel in everyday life. While walking in a park near his home, he began to converse with a woman who turned out to be Jewish - an Argentinean who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community.