Helping Your Church to Reach the Jewish People

Dr. Rich Freeman"Our work is in two main areas. The first is helping to equip the church to undertake Jewish evangelism. The second is ministering to the churches by showing them how a better appreciation of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith can enrich their understanding and their proclamation for God's Word.

Our Church Ministries staff would love to speak with you or your pastor about reaching your local Jewish community. We would also like to schedule a Chosen People Ministries speaker to come to your church. Please let us serve you as we serve the Lord and the Jewish people together!"

- Dr. Rich Freeman, Vice President of Church Ministries

Want to find out how to schedule a Chosen People Ministries presentation at your church?

Please click here to invite a speaker or request more information. You may also contact our Church Ministries department by phone at 1-888-405-5874.


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Choose from various presentations:

  • Messiah in the Passover
  • Fall Feasts of Israel
  • Messiah in the Old Testament
  • Future of Israel
  • The Church and the Jewish People
  • Evangelism Seminar
  • Personal Testimony
  • Chapel Services

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