The Messianic Congregation

At Messianic congregations, Jewish seekers can discover the Gospel of the Messiah in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Chosen People Ministries actively plants Messianic congregations around the world.

Chosen People Ministries has already planted a thriving Messianic congregation in the midst of the Jewish community of South Florida. Now we feel led to add an Evangelistic Center to our ministry work in the area, and God has confirmed this by allowing us to purchase, nearly debt-free, a wonderfully located, 2400-square-foot building in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Florida Messianic Center

This is the perfect location for the new Florida Messianic Center, just off of busy Interstate 95 in the middle of an established Jewish neighborhood, and surrounded by astounding growth. It will be a marvelous home for Jewish evangelism.

The property requires extensive renovation and we plan to expand the facility by another 4,000 square feet. The potential is limitless, and we will be able to reach thousands of Jewish people of all ages through various and creative ministries, allowing us to share the love of Jesus the Messiah.

This new facility, like our existing Centers, will be similar to a traditional Jewish Community Center. We will serve Jewish people in all stages of life - from children to the elderly. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus and come to know Him personally.

The Center will provide space for many activities that will advance the cause of Jewish evangelism:

  • Evangelistic outreaches
  • Worship services
  • All-purpose rooms for Bible studies and special gatherings
  • Kitchen and banquet facilities
  • A coffee house
  • Hebrew classes
  • A bookstore
  • Special outreach ministries to young parents
  • A Messianic Jewish Hebrew School for children
  • Evangelism training

A portion of the facility will house the office for Chosen People Ministries' South Florida missionaries and staff, led by Dr. Rich and Julia Freeman. Our committed staff and faithful volunteers are focused on reaching the Jewish people of South Florida for Jesus.

Most importantly, the Florida Messianic Center will provide a safe place for Jewish people to consider the Gospel, and it will serve as a home base from which Chosen People Ministries' trained evangelists can reach out to the Jewish community.

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