David and Julia SedacaDavid Sedaca is a Jewish believer in Jesus and serves as Vice President of Chosen People Ministries. He grew up in a Messianic Jewish home, where his father, the late Victor Sedaca, was one of the pioneers of the Messianic Jewish movement and served for many years as missionary with Chosen People Ministries (then called the American Board of Missions to the Jews) in Argentina, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. David was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where his parents were missionaries. Because of his parents' ministry, especially in the relocation of Holocaust survivors, he grew up in different countries in Europe, South and North America.

He received his BA "summa cum laude" in Psychology from Harvard University. After a successful career in the secular world, he received a call to full-time ministry. He attended Biola University and continued at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Buenos Aires. David Sedaca studied Judaism in New York and continued Jewish studies at the School of Middle East Studies of the University of Belgrano.

While still a young man in Bible College, for two years David led open-air meetings for Chosen People Ministries every Sunday in McArthur Park, in downtown Los Angeles.

Having served as pastor in three different evangelical churches, David became fully involved in Jewish ministries, although he continued serving as pastor. Until recently, he was the Senior Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia. He has also been the Messianic rabbi of two congregations. He served as Canadian and Latin American Director for Chosen People Ministries. He is a member of the Board of Directors of several missionary organizations, Bible Institutes, seminaries, and Christian organizations in the U.S., Canada, England, Norway and Israel. He has taught Homiletics at the Bible Center Training for Pastors, where he was the Director. He is presently professor of Homiletics at St. Petersburg Theological Seminary and serves as Director for Student Ministries at the Charles Feinberg Graduate School of Messianic Jewish Studies.

David Sedaca has been a lecturer on Judaism and Jewish evangelism in several seminaries in United States, Canada, South America, Israel and Europe, and his writings and articles are published regularly in different theological journals and Christian magazines around the world. He has preached to over 15,000 people in sports stadiums in Latin America, and also to small groups of two or three in Africa and the Middle East. His dynamic preaching and profound knowledge of the Bible from a Jewish perspective has made him a much sought-after speaker around the world.

David served as Executive Secretary and CEO of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, which is the worldwide fellowship of Jewish believers in Jesus. He is also the president of the Union of American Messianic Jewish Believers; the fellowship of Jewish believers from different churches and Messianic Jewish congregations.

David has recently rejoined Chosen People Ministries, along with his wife Julia. David serves as Vice President and works in the overall development of our ministry.

Julia Sedaca is the Office Manager of our International Headquarters and is also in charge of coordinating all activities related to events, committees, and board meetings. She left a successful banking career to work together with David in New York City. They both have a burden to reach out the many unsaved Jewish people in New York City, and are directly involved in starting a new ministry in Brooklyn, home to the largest concentration of Jewish people in the world outside of Israel.

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