Vladimir and Inna PikmanBorn to an educated Jewish family in Kiev, Vladimir Pikman was aware of the reality of God. Although his family neither knew the Messiah nor took God seriously, deep inside, Vladimir knew that God was real and that He had a plan for his life.

Convinced that true happiness for a Jew could only be found by living in Israel, Vladimir moved there only to discover that the happiness he sought did not come. In his disappointment and confusion, Vladimir reached out to God by sticking a note in the Western ("Wailing") Wall, asking God for guidance and direction. (People customarily place prayer notes in one of the many cracks in the Wall.) When Vladimir returned home to Kiev in 1992, he met a group of believers who shared the truth that Jesus was the Messiah. Vladimir accepted Jesus as his personal Savior, and devoted his life to serving the Lord through Jewish evangelism.

Vladimir and his wife, Inna, are graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary. Vladimir is the director of Chosen People Ministries' work in Germany, where the staff shares the Gospel with other Russian Jews who are immigrating there in great numbers. The Pikmans gratefully appreciate your prayers for wisdom, courage and strength to accomplish His will. Also please pray that their parents will come to know Jesus as their Messiah.