The history of the Jewish people in South Africa mainly began with the general European settlement in the 19th century. It is estimated that around 80% of South African Jews are descendents from Lithuania. Jews played a prominent role in the development of the diamond and gold fields and many Jews were involved in the anti-apartheid movement. South African Jewry differs significantly from those in other developing countries in that the majority of Jews still remain in South Africa.

The Jewish community, mostly nominal Orthodox, peaked in the 1970s and today, the community has become more observant. In Johannesburg, the largest center of Jewish life with 66,000 Jews, there is a high number and density of Kosher restaurants and religious centers.

Chosen People Ministries partnered with Emet Ministries South Africa in 2011 when Manfred and Isit Nochomowitz attended the Chosen People Ministries Global Conference in London.

Emet Ministries works with the local church body and has been involved in various forms of Jewish evangelism such as personal ministry, Shabbat services - to which Jewish people are invited – numerous equipping events, in which we teach the local body on how to reach Jewish people with the Gospel, and through this, by the grace of God, Jewish people (as well as Gentiles) have come to salvation.

We also partner with local Messianic ministries and congregations in South Africa as well as with Messianic ministries and churches in Israel, America and the Ukraine, working with them to share the Gospel with Jewish people in South Africa and around the world.

Emet Ministries' vision is to expand Jewish ministry throughout South Africa and to take the truth of God's heart for the Jewish people and Israel to the church.

For more information, visit Emet Ministries' website:

The Jewish population of the former Soviet Union has undergone tremendous upheaval in the last twenty years or more with the loosening of immigration policy that began under Mikhail Gorbachev. Although exact population figures are not possible to ascertain, it is clear that out of a population of more than two million, 80 percent or more of the Jewish population departed for Israel, the United States, Germany and elsewhere. Most of those left were the aged and others who for one reason or another were either unable or unwilling to leave.

However, there is a developing trend of a modest number of those who had left are returning to their homeland. One factor in this development has been the difficult circumstances in Israel.

In 2004, Chosen People Ministries organized the first Moscow meeting of Messianic leaders of the former Soviet Union. Avi Y., a gifted leader, has helped form two new congregations-in Moscow and in Kazan. These congregations, called Beit T'phillah (House of Prayer), hold meetings on the Sabbath and also on Thursdays.

Chosen People Ministries has been present in the United Kingdom since shortly before the World War II. In addition to being a witness for Messiah, its first activities focused on delivering and coordinating relief to persecuted Jewish communities in Europe and Russia. As the horrors of World War II unfolded, the work included outreach and assistance to the growing number of Jewish refugees who had made it to London.

Chosen People Ministries in the United Kingdom has a Messianic Centre in Golders Green, London, that offers Messianic services, outreach, Bible studies, and special events designed to help Jewish seekers and others encounter the life-giving message of the Gospel. With a growing ministry to Jewish people from eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, the addition of Fiona S. with more than fifteen years of ministry experience among Jewish people in the FSU is a tremendous asset. 

Today the ministry in the United Kingdom is in an exciting phase of growth and is reaching out to London's Jews. Looking ahead, we hope that the ministry will increasingly reach the Jewish people of the United Kingdom as effectively as it has elsewhere around the world until Messiah comes again.

For more information, visit the Chosen People Ministries UK website.

Chosen People Ministries' work in New Zealand consists of four strategies that fall under the categories of evangelism and equipping:


Sizzler Outreaches – About 2.5 million young adults from all over the world hike through New Zealand each year, and 8,000-15,000 of them are Israelis. Typically, these backpackers are sensitive, intelligent, thinking people, and very open to discussing spiritual issues. Our evangelistic "sizzlers" have proven to be wonderfully effective in reaching these travelers. Along with a BBQ, our guests (typically more than 50 per event) receive "Backpacker Bibles," individual attention (and prayer) from our team members, and a see a presentation of a believer's testimony. Invariably, some linger for more meaningful conversation. These outreaches have been so successful that we will be replicating them in several New Zealand locales.

Short Term Mission Groups – A number of overseas churches are enthusiastic about sending groups of young adults to New Zealand for evangelistic purposes. Our plan is to receive, equip and send these teams on prescribed routes, utilizing backpacker buses and accommodations as well as hosting outreach events in strategic locations.


Christians Hosting Israelis – Hundreds of Christian households throughout New Zealand are hosting young Israeli travelers. Some of these hosts have singlehandedly received thousands of Israeli guests in their homes! This phenomenon presents our greatest opportunity to "bring the message to the original messengers," but many of these wonderful followers of Messiah lack confidence and training in sharing the Gospel with Jewish people. We are now hosting events throughout New Zealand specifically designed to equip and encourage these faithful hosts.

Christians in the Local Church – Many evangelical churches in New Zealand are expressing sincere interest in discovering more of their Jewish roots. We are humbled and excited by the many opportunities God is giving us to teach in churches, church camps, conferences and on national radio.

The Jewish people of Ukraine, who have resided in the capital city of Kiev since the tenth century, have a long and often painful history.

The Jewish population in Ukraine is presently the fifth largest in the world with about 300,000 people. Sadly, Jewish life in Ukraine is in many ways a shell of its former self. Since the fall of communism, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian Jews have left the country. Poverty is now a way of life for many who have remained, and of these, a considerable number are elderly. They are an aging population with an average age of 45.

Chosen People Ministries has been active in Ukraine since the early 1990s when a Messianic congregation sprang up in Kiev and God began to raise up Jewish leaders to carry the work forward. The Mission expanded its presence to the city of Kharkov in 1994 when Alexander Sereda, a Christian minister with a vast love for Jewish people, helped to start our Messianic congregation there.

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