Financial Outlook

  • $300/month housing paid to Chosen People Ministries (Included: All utilities, TV, Wireless Internet, Furniture, Bedding, Washer/Dryer)
  • Est. $300-$350/month for food
  • Est. $112/month for travel (30-day Unlimited Ride Metrocard)
  • Extras to be taken into consideration: Health Insurance, Entertainment and Clothing (Movies, Books, Coffee Shops, etc.), Personal bills (Cell phone, school loan, etc.)
  • Estimate of +/- $900 per month for the intern


Apply online or download the application and mail it in to the address below. A complete application is required along with two reference forms: one from your Pastor and another from someone you have known for more than three years. Upon receiving all parts of the application, you will be contacted by Chosen People Ministries. You are welcome to check on your status by calling the number below.

For more information:

Email us
1 (888) 2-YESHUA
(212) 223-2252
Chosen People Ministries
Director of Internships
241 East 51st St.
New York, NY 10022

Check out a few of the great things about our internship:

1) It's New York City! The New York City metropolitan area has the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel. The opportunities are plenty and it is great place to learn about Jewish missions. Plus, let's be honest, New York is pretty cool!

2) The International Headquarters of Chosen People Ministries is located in Manhattan. You will get a feel for various aspects of Jewish evangelism from all over the world.

3) We are focused on YOU and your development. We don't want you to be pushing papers in an office all day. Our intention is that you would grow spiritually while working in practical ministry activities through Bible studies, discipleship, and education regarding the Jewish community and evangelism.

4) The flexibility within our internship allows you to commit any length of time from 10 weeks to 6 months. Also, there is time built into the program for you to take college or graduate classes, learn Hebrew or Russian, or get a part-time job to help subsidize the expense of the internship.


  • 1-2 Bible Studies/Discipleship Training Sessions per week (Evening)
  • 3 days of unscheduled time (Higher Education, Part-time Jobs, Personal Study, Hebrew/Russian Classes)
  • Weekly Shabbat dinner
  • Bi-weekly assignments (Biblical, Discipleship, Evangelism)
  • Monthly evaluations by Internship Director
  • Traveling with a missionary on deputation on Sundays or during the week
  • Practical ministry during at least 2 work-week days
  • Active involvement in Young Adult Ministry planting and sustainment
  • Intern Retreat

Ministry Areas:

  • Women's Ministry
  • Young Adult
  • Literature Tables
  • Street Evangelism
  • Bible Studies
  • Campus Outreach
  • Conferences
  • Special Outreaches
  • Congregational Outreach
  • Short Term Missions planning


Financial Information and Application



Internships description:

Chosen People Ministries desires to be not only on the cutting and innovative edge of Jewish evangelism, but we also want to build up young people and to take them along for the ride!

We love what we do so much that we think you will love it too. We also think that you may have valuable passion and creativity to add in the great task of making Jesus known to Jewish people.

Whether you are majoring in accounting, feeling called toward missions, or need a tech/communications internship for credit at your university, Chosen People Ministries may be a good place to explore those options and learn a lot in the process!

Our internships are great opportunities to fulfill your university's requirements for graduation also.  After all, we want to help you realized your place within God’s story.

For more information about any of the below-listed internships, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Missions Internships

The internship that we offer most often is a summer missions internship. We love training young adults who are passionate about reaching Jewish people with the Gospel. Depending on your path and how you fit in our ministry, options that could be explored are serving in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Israel, and New Zealand.

Missions activities may range from working on planting congregations, street outreach, event planning and publicity, kids camps, Bible study teaching, visitation, calling Jewish people who are seeking, working with Holocaust survivors, facilitating youth activities, and much, much more.

Internships can last from one to three months and other lengths of internships are also possible upon further discussion. 

Media/Tech Internships

We are also heavily involved in digital evangelism and growth. This means that we have a creative and growing media department located in New York City. We are open to internships revolving around media creation (video/graphic), web and coding, and technical savvy. A good amount of collegiate-level training is most likely required for an internship like this. Unfortunately, we are unable to teach someone who does not already have the technical know-how to drop right in to a working team. While you do not have to be a professional, a portfolio of well-done end products would be viewed during the application process.

Accounting Internships

Lastly but not least, because we are a global ministry we are always busy in the finance department and occasionally offer internships to students who are pursuing a related degree and who are passionate about reaching Jewish people with the Gospel.

To inquire about any of these internships please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

But we strongly encourage you to talk with us about your particular situation, your passion and the season in which you would like to serve.



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