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The Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies program offers an accredited Master of Divinity degree in Messianic Jewish Studies. The program is designed to train those with a call to full-time Jewish ministry as Messianic congregational leaders, outreach workers or educators. These unique training needs are the focus of a program emphasizing biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek

The Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies program offers an accredited Master of Divinity degree in Messianic Jewish Studies. The program is designed to train those with a call to full-time Jewish ministry as Messianic congregational leaders, outreach workers or educators. These unique training needs are the focus of a program emphasizing biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek exegesis, and the understanding of rabbinic texts. Essential matters of theology and practice are treated through intensive study of Jewish law, religion, culture, sociology and history.

Students are encouraged to explore this rich heritage, and to develop effective methods to reach and serve today's Jewish community. Practical areas of Jewish ministry are addressed through courses in apologetics, Jewish-Christian relations, and pastoral care and counseling. The Master of Divinity program is a professional degree designed to complete in three years of full-time graduate study.

The Charles L. Feinberg Center also offers a 30-credit certificate in Messianic Jewish studies. Both the certificate and the Master of Divinity program are offered in conjunction with Talbot School of Theology, a graduate institution of Biola University, who is partnering with Chosen People Ministries to provide this education to the future leaders and missionaries to the Jewish people. The program is approved by the New York State Board of Regents and the Association of Theological Schools.

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No distance learning or correspondence courses are available.



We are now offering a 30-credit Certificate as part of the Charles L. Feinberg Messianic Jewish Studies Program. This has been approved by the Talbot School of Theology of Biola University, which has partnered with Chosen People Ministries to provide this educational opportunity. You may now choose the courses that will help you get the most from the core curriculum of our accredited Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies.

The Certificate is a balanced offering of courses in Bible Exposition, Biblical Languages, Historical and Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Apologetics, and Jewish Studies. The M.Div. is approximately 100 credits, and the 30 credits in the Certificate may be applied toward the M.Div. should you decide to continue studying with us.

These courses, regardless of the specific area, are taught from a Jewish frame of reference, so they are especially helpful for those who are seeking to improve their knowledge and skill in a ministry to Jewish friends and family. This Certificate is ideal for anyone working in Messianic congregations, traditional mission organizations, or personal evangelism. All of the professors are highly credentialed and committed to Jewish ministry.

Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies courses are drawn solely from the approved curriculum of the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in Messianic Jewish Studies degree program offered both at the Charles L. Feinberg Center in New York and at Talbot School of Theology's La Mirada, CA campus. Significant portions of the Certificate curriculum must be taken at the La Mirada, CA location. These include certain Bible Exposition, New Testament, and Messianic Jewish Studies courses, as well as all Theology courses.

If students exercise the option of applying Certificate courses toward the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, they must take one third of the total MDiv required courses, or approximately 33 semester credits, in California.

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Contact Racheal at 888-293-7482 for an application and more information.

Thoughts from students at the Charles Feinberg Messianic Jewish Studies Program:


For people who are serious about ministry and making this a full time vocation, this is a professional education that is really valuable. Most of the content is custom-tailored to the needs of the Messianic community. Regular theological books do not always touch on the Jewish background to the text. It is valuable to our community because it meets our needs. As we develop more resources to meet the needs of Messianic leadership, we are authenticating this movement.

- Peter, Class of 2011


Having been in ministry for twenty years, I've never felt confident to adequately handle the full counsel of God. My seminary studies are opening my eyes, my heart, and my world to a whole new perspective and level of confidence. The Feinberg Program, specifically is enhancing my understanding of my Jewish heritage, as well as my contribution in the Kingdom work that I am involved in.

- Laura, Class of 2011


I think the Feinberg Program classes give you more insight into the Bible, into the history of Biblical cultures, insights into the language - its structures, its roots - all of these things will help to make me a more knowledgeable person. I am already taking that knowledge and putting it into my sermons and other teaching opportunities, and hopefully will be putting it toward evangelism with the people I meet.

- Jeff


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Charles Feinberg Messianic Jewish Studies Program

1. The Talbot School of Theology is one of the finest seminaries in North America, and the Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies is a fully accredited graduate degree.

2. New York City is the Jewish capital of the United States. Attending the Feinberg Program, you will have limitless opportunities to experience Jewish life and culture as well as incredible opportunities for hands-on Jewish ministry experience. The Feinberg Program is a joint venture between Talbot and Chosen People Ministries, a Jewish ministry that has been reaching out to Jewish people for more than a century.

3. Classes include traditional seminary courses seen through a Messianic lens, including biblical and theological studies, pastoral ministries, Biblical Greek and Hebrew, and more. A full range of Jewish Studies courses are also offered, including courses on Rabbinic thought, Jewish history, the Talmud, and more. Your course schedule will ensure that you are prepared for the complexity of Messianic ministry.

4. The Feinberg Program is specifically geared to meet the needs of adults with active family and ministry lives. We know that the demands on your time are many. Therefore, classes will be kept small-under a dozen students-and will be offered (aside from the summer program) only three days a week, in order to maximize your learning and leave time for ministry and family commitments.

5. Tuition costs have been substantially reduced and subsidized housing is available to meet the challenge of living in New York City. Additional scholarships and work-study programs in Jewish ministry are available for students with financial need. The program is designed to enable students to graduate without debt.

6. You will study with like-minded brothers and sisters with a heart for Jewish ministry. In this, the Feinberg Program provides a unique academic and spiritual environment.

7. The need for spiritually mature and equipped Messianic leadership grows every day. The degree is both academic and practical. Courses on preaching, evangelism, discipleship, and other "down to earth" subjects are taught by professors who have years of service in Jewish ministry. This program goes far beyond theory to the very heart of what to means to be a full-time worker among the Jewish people-whether your desire is to serve as a Messianic rabbi, pastor, teacher, or missionary to the Jewish people.

8. The Charles L. Feinberg Program is not simply a program for Americans. International students will be at home in this challenging program. Talbot is able to offer the I-20, which leads to a US student visa.

9. Each summer, students will have the opportunity to study on the Talbot main campus in La Mirada, California. In some instances, where students are unable to move to New York City, the degree may be completed by combining summer coursework with courses transferred from other seminaries.

10. The Charles L. Feinberg Program boasts of an atmosphere friendly to Messianic believers from across the theological spectrum. We seek to foster a greater love of the Messiah, the Scriptures, and the Jewish people.


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Charles Feinberg Messianic Jewish Studies Program

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar


All application documents must be sent to:

Chosen People Ministries
Attn: Racheal Ndei
1974 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11223.

February 2 (Tuesday)                      Classes begin at the Feinberg Center – Brooklyn      

March 13 – March 19                       Ministry Tours Break – NO CLASSES

March 24 (Thursday)                      Purim – Classes will meet

March 27 (Sunday)                           Resurrection Day

April 23 (Saturday)                          First Day of Passover

April 24 (Sunday)                             Second Day of Passover

April 24 – April 30                            Passover Break – NO CLASSES

April 30 (Saturday)                          Last Day of Passover

May 17-19                                         FINAL EXAM WEEK

May 27 (Friday)                                Spring Commencement at Talbot

June 13-July 22                                Summer Sessions 1-3 (La Mirada, CA)

- - - 

September 5 (Monday)                   Labor Day - NO CLASSES

September 6 (Tuesday)                    Classes begin at the Feinberg Center – Brooklyn      

September 9 (Friday)                        PT591 – Introduction to Field Education

                                                        *Required for All New Students

October 3 (Monday)                         First Day of Rosh Hashanah

October 4 (Tuesday)                        Second Day of Rosh Hashanah – NO CLASSES

October 12 (Wednesday)                Yom Kippur - NO CLASSES

October 17 (Monday)                       First Day of Sukkoth

Nov 10-12 (Wed – Fri)                     Keswick Retreat

Nov 13- 19 (Sun – Sat)                    ETS & SBL Week – NO CLASSES

Nov 21 – 22 (Mon –Tues)                Monday-Tuesday Classes

Nov 23-24 (Wed –Thurs)                 Thanksgiving Break – NO CLASSES

December 13-15                               FINAL EXAM WEEK

December 25 (Sunday)                    First Day of Chanukah

January 1(Sunday)                           Last Day of Chanukah 


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