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Many benefits are available to you when you make a gift before December 31!

Among them are:

  • Potential tax savings from charitable deductions
  • Increased income from non-productive or low-producing property
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax on highly appreciated property
  • Income tax deductions this year for gifts actually made in future years
  • Personal satisfaction in knowing that you are involved in a worthwhile mission


Free Report to Help You Plan Your Year-End Giving

We want to help you with your year-end planning. Our staff has a special planning report, How to Maximize Your Year-End Giving, to provide more detailed information on each of these planning concepts. And we would like to make a copy available to you at no cost or obligation. Just click on the link to download your complimentary copy.

Download the report:
"How to Maximize Your Year-End Giving"

If we can provide personal assistance to you in any of these areas, please e-mail us.

Or you may telephone our office at 1-888-2-YESHUA if that is more convenient.

We want to be of service to you!


Let's look at some of the advantages of making a gift at year-end.

Tax Savings from a Charitable Deduction
You may need additional deductions this year. Do you feel like you are paying too many taxes? Most of us do. The tax savings from a charitable deduction will reduce the taxes you pay.

Giving from Cash Flow
You can receive an income tax deduction by giving cash. This is most beneficial to Chosen People Ministries. And many times, it is the easiest way for you to give.

Gifts of Net Worth
But your cash flow may not be sufficient to make the gifts you desire, and to receive the tax deductions you need.

Charitable deduction tax savings are also available when you make gifts of property such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies and tangible personal property related to our exempt function. Each of these gifts will provide a tax deduction this year, if the gift is completed before December 31.

And many times you can make a larger gift of property, receiving a substantially higher tax deduction, because it does not affect current cash flow.

Avoidance of Capital Gains Tax
The property you have available for giving may have substantially appreciated in value.

If you sold the property, you would pay a tax on the difference between your cost basis and what it is worth today. This is called a capital gain, and is taxed at both the federal and state level.

However, if you contribute the property rather than selling it, you can receive a charitable deduction for the full value of the property, and avoid the tax on the gain.

Income Tax Deduction This Year for Gifts Made in Future Years
You can also create an income tax charitable deduction which will provide substantial tax savings by simply guaranteeing today that certain properties will be distributed to charity at your death. This can be accomplished with property such as your home or farm, or any investment properties (stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate) from which you wish to maintain income.

If your income tax bracket is higher this year than it will be in future years, or if you need an additional deduction this year, you can establish a specially designed trust. Property is transferred to the trust with income payable to a charitable organization for a period of years. At the end of the trust period, the property will be returned to you.

When the trust is properly designed, you can receive an income tax deduction this year, for the current value of the future income gifts to charity.

Increased Income from Your Charitable Gift
Many of our friends have fixed-income investments which are producing income at lower than current market rates. Others have property which is paying little or no return. However, high appreciation keeps them from selling the assets and investing to achieve a higher return.
Charitable gift annuities have maintained a high rate of return. Many individuals find this a more attractive investment.

Or property can be placed in a specially designed charitable trust, providing a substantial income tax charitable deduction. The property can then be sold by the trust, avoiding tax on the capital gain. And the trustee can invest in high income producing assets, resulting in a considerably higher income.

The assets are invested to provide income for you, and are not actually transferred to the charitable organization until the end of the trust period.

Personal Satisfaction
There is an additional advantage available with each of the above giving options... knowing that you are receiving substantial personal benefit, as you are helping Chosen People Ministries accomplish our mission of reaching Jewish people for the Messiah. This is a winning combination, reaching people for the Lord while helping ourselves and our loved ones.

Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to Chosen People Ministries! There are several ways to contribute:

Give Online

Make a secure online donation. Your information will be transmitted through a secure connection and kept completely confidential.

Watchmen for Jerusalem

Watchmen for Jerusalem is a monthly giving program for partners of Chosen People Ministries. It is a convenient way to give that helps reduce costs and send more funds directly to the mission field - meaning your generosity has the maximum impact.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving enables you to make a gift during your lifetime that may involve tax benefits and income for life, allows you to meet personal financial objectives and at the same time make a charitable contribution to Chosen People Ministries. There are a number of ways to give through securities, charitable gift annuities, real estate, life income plans, life insurance, wills and bequests, and trusts. You can also make a memorial gift.

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