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Equip yourself to present the redemptive work of the Messiah to the Jewish community. Exploring issues of atonement and redemption, respected scholars show how Christ is the fulfillment of Isaiah's "suffering servant" and offer suggestions on how to share the Good News with our Jewish brothers and sisters. By Darrell Bock and Mitch Glaser; contributors include Walter Kaiser and others.

The Gospel According to Isaiah 53
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Do you have a Jewish friend or relative with questions about the meaning of life and spirituality? Isaiah 53 Explained will present a chapter in the Scriptures that has the potential to revolutionize one's life! Isaiah 53 Explained makes the story of the Bible understandable, practically and simply explaining how we can have a soul-satisfying relationship with God and revealing the surprising key that makes this relationship possible.

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It costs about $40 to put a copy of Isaiah 53 Explained into the hands of a Jewish or Gentile nonbeliever. This takes into account the printing of the book and all of the advertising and mailing costs—and enables one of our staff members to follow up personally. This budget does not include billboards, radio advertising and placing full-page newspaper ads. This is more expensive, but allows us to reach a broader audience!

I hope you might be able to help us put this evangelistic book into the hands of one Jewish person—or maybe even 10 people ($400), 50 people ($2,000) or 100 people ($4,000).

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Chosen People Ministries representatives offer a variety of presentations for your church, including Jewish evangelism seminars and messages on the Gospel according to Isaiah chapter 53. Please fill out this form to invite a speaker or request more information. You may also contact our Church Ministries department by phone at 1-888-405-5874.

Reading Joel C. Rosenberg's latest book, The Tehran Initiative, feels eerily similar to reading a behind-the-scenes account of the headlines of today's newspapers. The novel brings to life current news stories involving espionage and international diplomacy in a world on the brink of war. Rosenberg captures the reader's attention from the very first line as the main character, David Shirazi, hurtles through the streets of Tehran, attempting to smuggle the leading Iranian nuclear physicist, Najjar Malik, out of the country. As the second book in the series, The Tehran Initiative begins immediately where the first novel, The Twelfth Imam, ends. The fast-paced, highly suspenseful tale keeps you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover.

A successful nuclear test in Hamadan pushes the Middle East and the United States closer to the point of mutual annihilation. As Iran moves to develop a nuclear weapon, an obscure religious figure emerges in the Middle East, uniting much of the Arab world. Muhammad Ibn Hasan Ibn Ali, the Twelfth Imam, seeks to reestablish the Caliphate, which would hold civil and religious rule over the entire Muslim world. This leads many in the region to view the Twelfth Imam as a messianic figure, a savior for Islam. Although the Imam claims he wants to bring peace to the Middle East and to the world, he calls for the destruction of Israel. An attempted assassination attempt on the President of the United States, the President of Egypt and the Prime Minister of Israel at a fundraiser for a new peace center betrays Iran’s true intentions.

The United States must rely upon young CIA operative of Persian descent, David Shirazi. Shirazi, who enters Iran with a false identity as a programmer for a sophisticated German computer company, tries to collect the necessary intelligence to thwart Iran’s plans of expanding its empire across the entire region. Facing an inner struggle between loyalty to his family and duty to his country, Shirazi feels compelled to stay with his mother, who is in critical condition at a hospital in New York, but his immediate presence is requested at CIA headquarters. Although Shirazi grew up as an atheist, his work and his relationship with a childhood friend cause him to look for spiritual answers.

Rosenberg creatively blends contemporary political themes with spiritual issues, creating a captivating fictional narrative. Anyone interested in Israel or Middle East politics will appreciate this story, as it paints a very vivid portrait of the tenuous situation in the Middle East and Israel’s continual need to respond to the persistent threat of extinction. The Tehran Initiative presents a thought-provoking look into potential events in this ongoing conflict. While the reader should not use the novel to draw any political or theological conclusions, the story can function as a catalyst for undertaking a deeper study of the complexities and significance of the current situation in Israel and the Middle East.

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