Thoughts from students at the Charles Feinberg Messianic Jewish Studies Program:


For people who are serious about ministry and making this a full time vocation, this is a professional education that is really valuable. Most of the content is custom-tailored to the needs of the Messianic community. Regular theological books do not always touch on the Jewish background to the text. It is valuable to our community because it meets our needs. As we develop more resources to meet the needs of Messianic leadership, we are authenticating this movement.

- Peter, Class of 2011


Having been in ministry for twenty years, I've never felt confident to adequately handle the full counsel of God. My seminary studies are opening my eyes, my heart, and my world to a whole new perspective and level of confidence. The Feinberg Program, specifically is enhancing my understanding of my Jewish heritage, as well as my contribution in the Kingdom work that I am involved in.

- Laura, Class of 2011


I think the Feinberg Program classes give you more insight into the Bible, into the history of Biblical cultures, insights into the language - its structures, its roots - all of these things will help to make me a more knowledgeable person. I am already taking that knowledge and putting it into my sermons and other teaching opportunities, and hopefully will be putting it toward evangelism with the people I meet.

- Jeff


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Charles Feinberg Messianic Jewish Studies Program