Aliyah Day Added to Israel’s Holiday Calendar
Israel is adding another holiday to its calendar – Aliyah Day – to commemorate those who have immigrated to Israel. It is not easy to uproot life and family from a familiar homeland and move to Israel where the language, style of life and weather is different. Aliyah Day is a way to give back to those who have moved to Israel to show the world that this is the Jewish homeland and a place to consider living and pioneering. 

Please pray for safety and protection for Jewish people who live in regions and neighborhoods of antisemitism and fear.  

Salt Levels in Sea Of Galilee on the Rise
Salt levels in the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret) are on the rise as a result of another winter of low precipitation. Without new water flowing into the Sea of Galilee, underwater, and nearby salt water springs flow in and disturb the levels of “sweet water.” As a result, farmers may soon not be able to use the sea water to water crops, and it may damage its ability to be used for drinking water. The Sea of Galilee has shrunk from 480 million cubic meters in the 1970s to 320 million cubic meters of water today. 

Please pray for the Sea of Galilee, a very important and necessary body of water in Israel with much biblical and modern significance to so many people. 

Israelis Win Gold Medal

Israeli rhythmic gymnasts won the European Gold medal on their home court – the championship took place in Israel. This group of gymnasts is the most decorated in Israeli history. They will fly to Brazil to take part in this summer’s Olympic games and are a hoping for more medals. 

Please pray for all the Israeli athletes traveling to Brazil, for safety and protection as they compete. 

Terminally Ill Israeli Kids Fly To See Soccer Games
Russian-Israeli billionaire Roman Abramovich has helped sick children attend international soccer games in the past, and this time, 55 Israeli children and their caregivers have flown to France to see three soccer matches at the 2016 Eurocup. The charity that organized this is run by volunteers and Abramovich donated the money. Many of the kids have not seen an international soccer game and probably will not live long enough to see another major competition. 

Please pray for these children, their families, and their doctors who care for them, that cures and solutions can be found to fight their illnesses.  

Commemorating the Hostage Crisis of 1976 in Entebbe, Uganda
Four decades after the surprise, daring Israeli rescue mission by elite Israeli forces in Entebbe Uganda, Prime Minister Netanyahu and a large security detail have come to commemorate the mission in special ceremonies with the Uganda government. Over 100 Israeli hostages were freed while Netanyahu’s brother, Yonatan, was shot as his unit stormed the airplane. The raid made international headlines and embarrassed then-dictator, Idi Amin, who had taken power by force. Benjamin Netanyahu will continue to three other African countries – Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

Please pray for continued good relations with Israel and African countries.

Short-Term Missions Teams Serve with Chosen People Ministries in Israel 
So far this summer, we have had quite a few short-term missions teams come and serve with us in Israel. They have helped in our food distribution centers as well as packaging food parcels for the poor and needy. They have been involved in special events for Holocaust survivors where they shared many stories from the Word. There was even a special night of pampering for single mothers. Would you like to bring your church or school group to serve with us? 

Please continue to pray for all the summer outreaches going on in Israel and around the world.

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