Israel at the Olympics

Israel sent 47 athletes to the Olympics in Rio. They will compete in sports like judo, wrestling, taekwondo, triple jump, swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Israel did not win a medal at the London Olympics but hopes to bring home some medals from Rio. Two days before the start of the Olympics, the International Olympics Committee officially honored the 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972. UPDATE: Israel has won a bronze medal in judo.  

Please pray for safety for all attending the Rio Olympics amidst worldwide terror threats.

Israel’s Air Force One

Prime Minister Netanyahu will be getting his own Air Force One, instead of flying chartered El Al airplanes. This presidential plane will be outfitted with secure communications systems and defense features at a cost of 270 million shekels ($70 million dollars). Previously, Israeli heads of state flew Israel’s national carrier, El Al, but the planes are now outdated and have a high fuel consumption.

Please pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu, as he travels around, establishing Israel’s business, politics, military, and friendship around the world. 

Hamas Steals Charity Money 

According to Shin Bet, Israel’s secret service organization, Hamas has been siphoning close to seven million dollars from charity donations given by World Vision over the past ten years. The Gaza director of World Vision, who has admitted to being a Hamas fighter, has funneled 60% of its budget to Hamas militants. The money was intended to build hospitals, schools, help in agriculture and fishing and to help those children and young families with psychological problems as well as rebuilding their homes and lives.  

Please pray for due process to take place in the trial regarding the taking of this charity money and using it for war.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu Makes Condolence Call 

Recently, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ brother died while being treated for cancer in an Israeli hospital. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called Abbas to share his condolences, and no matters of politics were discussed. The two men have not spoken for some time, as the Middle East peace process is stalled at the moment.

Please pray for trust and conversations to be re-established between these two important men.  

Express Train to the Galilee 

A much-needed train from Tiberius to Tel Aviv is slated to take seven years to build, adding tunnels and bridges across the Jezreel and Sharon Valleys. This express train will take an hour to connect the Galilee with the high tech and business opportunities of Tel Aviv and make the Galilee a more attractive place to live. Currently, Israel is doing extensive transportation projects to widen the highway to Jerusalem, build a light rail system in Tel Aviv and neighboring cities, and upgrade its trains and tracks. 

Please pray for safety for the workers and patience for the civilians as road works cause lots of traffic.

Renovations Underway at Chosen People Ministries New Center in Tel Aviv

Recently, ministry space was rented in the greater Tel Aviv area after a long search and contract negotiations (most landlords refuse to rent to believers in Israel).  Through this space, we hope to have special community helps programs for families, children and young adults, as well as Bible studies, music and café nights and special seeker-sensitive discussions for those who have ordered Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew. Please pray for the quick outfitting of our space and establishing these classes.  


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