Israelis Searching for and Finding Messiah
In Israel, Jewish seekers keep coming to Chosen People Ministries’ events. Recently, Robynne, a staff member in Tel Aviv, met Haim*, who showed up for a Bible study. He is not yet a believer but has very consciously begun a journey to find his spiritual side. He said he was amazed that right in the heart of a most secular city, a city that usually isn’t spiritual at all, he found a group of people thinking and dialoguing about God and how to have a relationship with Him. He enjoyed the openness of the discussion and said he will return. Pray that Haim comes to know Jesus in a very real way. While people like Haim are searching, others have found their Messiah. Our Israel director, Michael Z., reports that seven people were baptized this year!

Two Jewish Faith Decisions in Florida
Greg Savitt who serves in South Florida, shares this exciting report: “This was not the first time I had visited the Boynton Beach Rehabilitation Center. I have shared previously about a Jewish woman, Fran,* who seemed very interested in knowing about Jesus. Sadly, after one recent visit, she seemed no longer open to the Gospel.

I had asked for people to pray for my opportunities in the center, sensing that I was to go back. I was able to return during the Hanukkah/Christmas season and shared a message called ‘Without Hanukkah There Would Be No Christmas.’ Before I started, I asked if Fran was coming, but one of the volunteers said she did not think so. However, as the service began Fran came in and sat in the front row! I gave the invitation and Fran and one other Jewish woman, Kim,* accepted the Lord! It was a good reminder to always be sensitive to when the Holy Spirit asks you to do something.”

Reaching Israelis Through Backpacker Ministry
We have so many different types of Israelis coming through our ministry to backpackers in Argentina. Our dedicated staff there reported on some special conversations that took place recently. Adi* is very religious. She didn’t grow up in a religious home, but she chose to become Orthodox when she graduated from high school. Yaniv* on the other hand isn’t religious at all. He grew up learning all the stories in the Old Testament, but to him, they are just myths passed down for generations. Even though Israelis can be so different, there’s one thing that most seem to have in common and that’s their search for truth. Yaniv was so curious about Jesus that he stayed up late one night talking with our staff member for over two hours about God, the Gospel, and end-time prophecy. Adi also was intrigued; she was so thirsty to know more that after hearing the Gospel, the next day she started inquiring about the Holy Spirit. 

*names changed

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