The Witness of Jewish People

An Israeli optometrist in California is hearing the Gospel and doesn’t even know it. One of our congregational leaders went for a check-up and found out that his optometrist has many Messianic Jewish patients. He was not hostile towards them and was aware of what they believe. Larry, the congregational leader, had the opportunity to tell him that even though Messianic Jews believe Yeshua is the Messiah, they still observe Jewish customs, culture, and holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover. As they talked, Larry told him that his search came through the predicted Messianic prophecies in the Bible that speak of the coming of the Messiah. Please pray for this Jewish Israeli eye doctor.  

Drawn to the Messiah

When one of our staff members met with Bob* last week, after not meeting with him for some time, Bob was drawn once again toward the person of Jesus. Bob sees how Jesus is the only hope for healing, not only in his life, but for a broken and hurting world. He knows he needs to make a decision, but he wants to study more, and finds himself continually distracted by things that are more “urgent”.  They talked about the reality of Satan (something that he believes) and how Satan will use circumstances to distract him from what is truly important. Continue to pray for clarity and courage for Bob. 

Russian-Speaking Israelis Respond to the Gospel

In the Russian culture most important conversations happen around the table, and this was the case when Eugene, a staff member in Israel, was sharing (not for the first time) with a couple and their son the Gospel of our Messiah. He sensed a prodding from the Spirit to ask the couple directly if they were ready to accept Jesus as their Messiah. They were silent for a moment as they thought about everything that had been shared with them over the months, and then quickly said, “Yes!” 

Standing with Israel in Difficult Times and Sharing Jesus

The rise of antisemitism is a real cause for concern, especially on American college campuses. Our staff member, Doug, shares the following story from an evangelistic trip to a college campus:  “It is a joy to stand up for Israel on campus and share the Gospel at the same time! This was especially true during my last visit to a campus. One large man was standing at the main gate of the school and chanting antisemitic remarks. A student stopped by our campus literature table to tell us that many students at the college are firmly against Israel. However, there was also good news given to us: an Israeli professor stopped by the table to say:  ‘Keep up the important work!’ and took a copy of a booklet on Isaiah 53!”

Israel Trip Gives Opportunity to Minister to Holocaust Survivors

A highlight of a recent trip to Israel was an afternoon of ministry with Holocaust survivors. We try to include benevolence and ministry events in our trips, and so our group sponsored a luncheon at the Jerusalem Messianic Center and the interaction with survivors was amazing. As the group shared a meal they got to know each other. They sang and played games together. Then the team visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Some of these precious souls have become believers. Others were seeking to understand what would cause people who had never met them to come so far and want to share a meal with them. A number of people had an opportunity to share their testimonies, some about their life and faith. The leader of the trip took this opportunity to explain why some Christians love Israel and the Jewish people and care to come to Israel and help, even in turbulent times.

Israelis Open to Gospel Message in New Zealand  

Tens of thousands of young Jewish people visit New Zealand each year after completing their army service. They are looking for fresh air to breathe and answers to questions concerning their future and their beliefs. Our ministry partner in New Zealand operates both a campground and a lodge where they house and cater to Israeli travelers. Our workers in New Zealand recently wrote:   “It was amazing to be able to sit and eat with them [the traveling Israelis] and to share about my faith and to see that they were not negative or angry. Just think of what it must be like to have finished service in the IDF and then to have a few months to breathe and think about what really matters in your life. It is an amazing opportunity for outreach where the people come to you and not the other way around. I hope that I may have planted a seed in someone’s heart that will one day grow to salvation.”


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