Recently, our staff in Philadelphia was on Temple University’s campus. They were sharing all day about God with non-Jewish and Jewish students - including a few from Israel. They write: “We had many in-depth conversations about prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures that point to Yeshua as the Messiah. It was fantastic!” At the end of the day, they met an older Christian woman. This dear woman had been trying to share about the Lord with her Jewish friend for many years, but wanted to do it in a way that her friend could better understand. Part of the mission of Chosen People Ministries is to educate and “help fellow believers” to more effectively love, evangelize, and reach the Jewish people. Our team gave the woman a variety of resources, and they told her to focus on Messianic prophecies, such as Isaiah 53. Two days later, our staff received a phone call from the Christian woman saying she was able to share in “her Jewish friend’s own language” and style! Wonderfully, this 90-year old Jewish lady believed and embraced Yeshua as her own Messiah!

Ministry continues in Israel. There have been great opportunities for our staff to meet and share with young people through the coffee house music nights our ministry puts on. At a couple of these venues, there is a regular crowd. Our staff has been excited about getting to know some of the musicians and regulars, getting to share the Gospel and seeing them when they come back with questions or comments on how interesting it is to think about spiritual things. Some say, “It could be that Jesus is the Messiah.” One of these young musicians is Dov.* From a very secular Jewish home, Dov did not learn much about the scriptures. As a teen, he decided there must be something more to why we are here. He has been asking lots of good questions. Recently Dov was introduced to Israeli musicians who believe in Jesus. Please pray for Dov to come to know Jesus in a personal way.

With the promise of spring comes the festival of Passover. We absolutely love this holiday and look forward to it every year! The Lord is faithful to do wonderful things during this time, and we are sure that this year will be no different. This season is always the busiest for our ministry. God was faithful to bring our staff in Maryland into contact with an Orthodox Jewish man who accepted Jesus as his Messiah recently. It is our prayer that he will keep in contact with us so we can disciple him in his new faith! Please join us in this prayer.


This month, the image of new birth is particularly powerful as we prepare to celebrate the Passover. Our Los Angeles staff is planning regular dinners in the park next to the theater in which the congregation regularly meets. They will also have a large visible presence in the park with special artisan coffee and pastries, inviting people to a special service. Our staff member writes, “Since many people in Los Angeles feel lonely and isolated because they have left both family and friends to pursue their career dreams, these citywide dinners will be designed to make those in our community feel both welcomed and loved. Like last year, we are expecting God to do great things, well beyond our imagination.”

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