A Divine Coincidence?

Our Florida staff member, Greg S., was following up with Jewish people who had ordered our Isaiah 53 Explained book. As he was going down the list he saw a unique name; it was also a familiar name. It turned out to be the sister of a man Greg had led to the Lord and whose wedding he officiated. The woman remembered the wedding and Greg. She said she ordered the book for her son. She was thrilled by the connection and saw that it was not mere coincidence. Let’s pray for this family. May the God of Israel draw them to Himself through His Son, the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world.

Jesus is Everywhere

Sometimes ministry moves slowly; other times it is an avalanche. Our volunteer Katie, who works at our guesthouse for traveling Israelis in Brazil, had the opportunity to speak with three Israelis about God’s standard for right and wrong. While this was going on Tal*, an Israeli, came outside and pointedly asked our staff member Stephen, “Do you really believe that Jesus is God?”

Stephen stated, “At this point I was amazed at how spiritually hungry all these Israelis are, but this was only the beginning. I answered his question, and Tal had 20 more to follow it. During our discussion, I saw Daniel (another volunteer) getting into a spiritual conversation with another Israeli. There were so many Gospel conversations that Shai* (another Israeli traveler) walked outside and exclaimed, ‘Jesus is everywhere!’”

Tal and I talked for at least an hour. He identifies as an atheist, but later that day he commented, “This is probably the most important day of my trip. I’ve been alive for 22 years, and I’ve never heard what people believe about Jesus until now.”

Jesus Intrigues an Israeli TOW Truck Driver

Sometimes what seem like frustrating situations to us are actually God at work, putting people in our path. One such situation happened to our staff member, Ryan Karp. Minutes before leaving for an eight-hour road trip, Ryan’s car broke down. He called a tow truck, and guess what? The tow truck driver was Israeli! Ryan began talking about Jesus, and Oren* was so intrigued that he offered to drive Ryan home after they dropped the car off at the dealership so he could hear more about Jesus. He told Ryan that he is available on Saturdays to discuss Jesus further. Praise God for this “hassle” that put Oren in Ryan’s life! Please pray for Oren to come to know the Lord.

Jewish Brooklyn Hears about the Jewish Messiah

The director of our Brooklyn Center, Robert, has seen God do some pretty incredible things recently. One day a number of Orthodox Jewish men came to the services, and this was not the first time. Robert writes, “They are coming from different places and for different reasons. I believe God is drawing them by His Spirit.” One of these men, Elias,* showed up and began asking very pointed questions about Jesus and how it was possible for the Jewish people to believe in Him. Robert assured him that Jesus was Jewish and that the New Testament is a very Jewish book. This sparked a half hour conversation about the Gospel. Elias admitted that he has not read the New Testament, so Robert challenged him to read it for himself and then make a decision about whether or not Jesus is Messiah. The man agreed that this would be the best thing to do but still refused to take a copy. He did, however, take a copy of Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew and promised to read it and return. Please pray for Elias, that he will read the New Testament, see the Jewish Messiah on its pages and be saved!


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