Jewish College Students Meet the Messiah in the Old Testament

Joseph, a leader in our Brooklyn congregation, has been taking a class at Brooklyn College called Messianic Movements in Jewish History. On the first day of class he identified himself as a Christian and the teacher asked him to present “Jesus as Messiah, particularly stressing His historical Jewish context in first century Israel.” The teacher also asked Joseph to share key texts “regarding this matter found in the New Testament.”

Knowing that almost every student in the class was Jewish, Joseph used the Old Testament to demonstrate Jesus as Messiah. He made copies for every student of a commentary showing agreement between the early rabbis and Christians in the interpretation of key Messianic prophecies. One included Isaiah 53, the clearest picture of the atoning work of Jesus on the cross, and another showed that the Messiah would come and be “cut off” before the destruction of the Second Temple, the very same year that Jesus was crucified (Daniel 9)!

Please pray for the seeds that were planted among the
25 students in Joseph’s class, most of whom are religious Jewish kids.

Germany’s Jewish “Church” Continues to Grow

Weekly fellowships at our Berlin congregation are “on a roll!” Three months ago our German leader, Vladimir Pikman, encouraged the congregation to begin meeting in weekly fellowship groups, and already there are more than twenty such communities.

These small communities include two women’s fellowships (one in German and one in Russian), two youth fellowships, two prayer fellowships, five Bible fellowships, two evangelistic fellowships, fellowships for women with little children, an Israeli fellowship, and a fellowship at a Jewish retirement home. There is even a Persian Messianic community that is beginning to grow. Praise the Lord!

The Gospel is Preached to Jewish People in Crimea, Despite Difficulties

Kirill, a staff member in Ukraine, was on a mission trip in Sevastopol, Crimea in mid-March. He was visiting the two Messianic Jewish congregations in Sevastopol and Eupatoria. After one of the services Kirill met with the former head of the local traditional Jewish community, Abram.* Abram has become a believer and has a passion to see his fellow Jewish people come to know their Messiah. Abram told Kirill about the difficulties faced by the elderly and the disabled people; most people are experiencing financial troubles. We want to ask you to join in praying for these precious people.

The Gospel at 30,000 Feet

Recently, Darlene, one of our staff members serving in the New York area, was on a small jet seated in the aisle seat next to a thirty-year-old man, Pete,* in the window seat. Across the aisle (same row) sat Jake* (also thirty years old) in the window seat.  She was reading some Messianic literature and apparently it caught Pete’s attention and he began to ask her questions about Israel and Messianic Jews.

They had a conversation about Jesus and the Torah. Pete has a heart for Israel and the Jewish people and he is searching for the truth. Darlene answered Pete’s questions, pointed to Jesus being the Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53), and talked about Nicodemus and baptism. As she was talking to Pete, Jake switched his seat and sat in the aisle seat, leaving only the two-foot aisle space between them. Darlene writes, “I sensed Jake was listening to Pete and me. Unbeknownst to me, I later learned while waiting at baggage claim that Jake is an Israeli from Tel Aviv!” One thing is for certain: both these young men heard the truth about Jesus, and His Gospel!

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