The Tel Aviv Messianic Center: A Hub of Gospel Activity

Jason R. – Patience and Friendship in the Name of the Lord

I direct and manage the Tel Aviv Messianic Center, run the Center Café outreach, and am also helping to plant a Hebrew-speaking congregation at the Center. This building that we have dedicated to the Lord’s use actually used to be a casino. Sometimes people come in looking for an opportunity to gamble, and are confused when they enter the building. But when they see what we are doing, some of them keep coming back—they are curious about all we do for others. They ask, “Why are you doing this?” This is really a friendship evangelism ministry, and it can only develop through love and patience.

The Center Café is really taking off. Each week, we have a high-caliber program, mostly music. We open our doors at 7:30 pm and sometimes don’t close until 2:00 am. Volunteers from various Messianic congregations circulate, getting to know visitors. Our worship services meet in the same building the next day, and we have had success inviting people from the Center Café to visit our services as well.

My own sense of calling is to make disciples, nurturing people from unbelief to maturity in the Lord. Service is a great way for believers to grow and also to demonstrate the love of the Lord to those who are hurting and in need, whether they are believers or not.

Brian S. – This is What it is All About!

I had managed the soup kitchen and humanitarian aid department of the Tel Aviv Messianic Center, that is where I learned so much of what I am doing today, managing the Distribution Center in Netanya! I also now devote considerable time working with a rehabilitation center in the suburb of Netanya, where we have weekly Bible studies, drug and alcohol counseling and distribution of food and clothing. The soup kitchen we host at the Messianic Center started three years ago and by the third week, we were maxed out, with a crowd of about 20 waiting to get in as table space opened up.

On the same day as the soup kitchen, we distributed new clothes and dry food products, about $15 per bag. My vision is to share the love of God with "the least of these" - the poor, the needy, Holocaust survivors, widows, single mothers, addicts and prostitutes - and to see people come to the Lord. I also want to see our work expand and multiply, as we have seen some wonderfully encouraging fruits in our labors.

For example, a homeless alcoholic, a Russian Jewish man, recently came to faith through the ministry of our rehab center. Another man received the Lord through our witness at the distribution center. Just recently, I had the pleasure of seeing both of them volunteering at the Messianic Center on the same day. Seeing them serving side by side, being discipled in service, made me very emotional and excited. Knowing Yeshua (Jesus) and serving others - this is what it is all about!


The only way we can continue these wonderful ministries is through the Lord's provision and your generosity.

It costs about $300 per day to keep the work in Tel Aviv going, and I am currently praying for 365 partners to contribute a dedicated gift of $300 - so that we can cover the expenses of our Tel Aviv Center for an entire year!

Would you please pray about making a special donation to provide for one day of ministry in Tel Aviv?

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