From Work to Worship

Scott N. has relocated the Messianic congregation he leads in Southern California to a historic landmark theater in the heart of downtown Culver City, the “Heart of Screenland,” one of the centers for film and television production. As part of the rental agreement, the theater company provides a “host” to open and prepare the facility for services. The man who has graciously hosted the congregation informed Scott that someone else will be taking his position in the future. He then told Scott that he would be back anyway, because he wants to be part of their fellowship. He said he had been looking for a spiritual community, but has not found a place where he truly felt welcomed, and that even though he was working during the service, he had found that place with them. 

Jewish Mother Finds Messiah at Brooklyn Messianic Congregation 

Fruit is growing bit by bit as the Messianic congregation Rich Flashman leads at the Brooklyn Messianic Center takes root and celebrates its one-year anniversary. A friend of the worship leader brought Sarah,* her unbelieving Jewish mother, to a service. Prior to the service, when Rich was introduced to her, she seemed a little uneasy. But as Rich issued a call to faith at the end of his message, he noticed a flurry of excitement where Sarah and her daughter were sitting. The cause? Word quickly spread that Sarah had prayed to receive Yeshua (Jesus) as her Messiah!

“Isaiah 53” Van Sparks Faith Decision

One of our evangelists in the Great Pacific Northwest has led a Jewish man, Joshua,* to Messiah. Joshua was sitting outside a coffee shop two blocks from the university at which our worker was planning to evangelize. He​ parked his van, which had “” prominently displayed on the back and sides of it, in front of the coffee shop. Noticing Joshua, he greeted him in a friendly way. Joshua asked him, “What’s t​he Isaiah about? I’m Jewish!​” Joshua had been raised in a secular home, with little emphasis on Jewish religion or culture. Our worker asked the challenging question, “Who do think Jesus was?” After about fifteen minutes of deep discussion, Joshua received the Lord and is being discipled weekly.

Patient Witness Brings Jewish Man in South Florida to Faith in Messiah

At the conclusion of a special church service some months ago, missionary Greg Savitt of South Florida encountered Seth*, a non-believing, 22-year-old Jewish man who gave Greg his card and said, “I need to meet with you.” A first meeting led to bi-weekly coffee talks over some months as Greg and Seth probed deeply into spiritual matters prompted by Seth’s insightful questions. Greg gave him a copy of Isaiah 53 Explained, which helped Seth see the need for atonement and a redeemer. Bit by bit, Seth’s objections to the Gospel were answered. Finally, he was ready, and Greg helped him to accept the Gospel. Now Seth is voraciously reading his Bible and has already told several of his Jewish friends of his faith decision.

In Memoriam
Roy Adams

Roy Adams, a faithful servant of Messiah whose love of the Jewish people was expressed in a multitude of ways in service to Chosen People Ministries, has died at the age of 90. Born and educated in England, he and his wife, Ella, to whom he was married for 67 years, immigrated to Canada in 1954. Roy became a board member of what is now Chosen People Ministries (Canada) in 1970. In 1980, Roy was invited to join the U.S. Board, where he served for over thirty years. In 1985, Roy was appointed as the Executive Vice-President of Chosen People Ministries (US). He served in this capacity for more than five years and regarded those years as the most fulfilling years of his life. In his words, “I developed a passion for Jewish ministries which has never left me!”

In addition to Ella, Roy is survived by his son Duncan, his daughter Jeanette, their spouses and two grandchildren.


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