Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and support as we share the Gospel with Jewish people. For the past 116 years, your Mission to the Jewish people has sought creative ways to share the life-giving message of Jesus the Messiah with our Jewish brethren.

Isaiah 53Our Isaiah 53 Campaign is one example of our using new methods to communicate the unchanging message of the Gospel. This campaign is designed to introduce Jewish people to Jesus by familiarizing our people with this great prophecy written 700 years before His birth! Hundreds of Jewish seekers in New York City came to watch a debate between Orthodox rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Messianic Jewish scholar Dr. Michael Brown on Isaiah 53. The campaign is slowly being unleashed through secular media - ads, web-based outreach, new evangelistic literature, and much more. You can access some of these resources online by clicking here. We have also produced a new booklet you can give to your Jewish friends - just write to us and ask for one or more!

Russian Ministry in New York City

Brooklyn-based staff members Peter S. and Klaudia Zhelezny share about our latest ministries among Russian-speaking Jewish people in New York City.

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