Kid's Camps

Camp Kesher (Hartfield, VA)

When former campers become the counselors and directors of a camp, you know it is a great camp! That is exactly what has happened at Camp Kesher in Hartfield, VA.

Kesher is the Hebrew word for "connection" and that's what Camp Kesher is all about: Connecting youth to Yeshua, each other, and the larger Messianic community. We desire to assist our children in forming a well-rounded Messianic identity that will carry them into young adulthood and beyond.

Camp Sar Shalom (Palomar Mountain, CA)

Attending camp is one of the most formative experiences a young person can have. They get to experience the Lord and fellowship away from their families and any expectation of what they should believe. They have the opportunity to make decisions for themselves in a safe environment where they see their peers and counselors genuinely loving and interacting with the Lord. The Gospel is clearly shared and Yeshua is exalted. To register email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (818) 521-6700.