The Works of a Mighty God

Michael, our missionary in Sevastopol, Crimea, attends a Messianic Jewish congregation. Before the holiday of Purim, Michael received an appeal from the Jewish community of the city of Eupatoria for assistance in celebrating Purim. They said that there was an old synagogue in Eupatoria that has been long unused because there is no rabbi. But the Jewish community agreed to resume meeting and to celebrate Purim. Someone advised them to seek the assistance of Messianic Jews. Thus, they found Michael who gladly responded and helped with the Purim celebration.

The director of our work in Russia writes, “We try to use every opportunity to spread the Gospel to God’s chosen people, and we couldn’t miss this opportunity to bring the Good News to the Jews of Eupatoria. Michael organized the Purim celebration and this feast became the day of dedication of the synagogue. Michael openly spoke about his faith in Yeshua the Messiah and also about the changes in his life that occurred through faith in Yeshua. After the holiday, many Jewish people came and thanked him for the wonderful celebration of Purim.” Please pray for Michael and the work in Crimea. Pray that our staff have more opportunities to share the Gospel with Jewish people.

Holocaust Survivor
Reads About Her Messiah

Sharon, a full-time volunteer with our Fort Lauderdale branch, reported that Deborah,* an Orthodox Jewish Holocaust survivor, ordered Isaiah 53 Explained because she was curious. She said she was not sure that Jesus is the Messiah, but promised to read the book. Deborah was also interested in trying out a Messianic congregation. She asked for Sharon’s phone number in case she had questions about Isaiah 53 Explained. Deborah is extremely open to the Gospel. A similar story happened with another Orthodox Jewish woman, Bobbie.*  This is almost unheard of in our work. Praise the Lord for drawing these two Jewish women to himself. We are honored to be the vessels He uses to tell His Jewish people about the Messiah.


Do you know a Jewish person who is interested in Jesus? Invite them to watch the testimonies found on our website:

Risen Film Ignites Curiosity for Jewish Women in Phoenix

Cathy Wilson, who faithfully ministers in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, writes, “During our weekly Bible study, Sara,* a Jewish woman who desires to learn of Jesus, and Beatrice,* a Holocaust survivor who is open, asked if we could view the film focused on Jesus’ resurrection, Risen. We did! Sara was glued to the screen. She audibly expressed her emotions. The film ended; Sara turned to me and remarked, ‘That was excellent. That was powerful.’ As we discussed Risen over coffee, Sara asked, ‘If we believe in God, shouldn’t we believe in His Son?’ Our studies continue. Sara has been verbalizing greater understanding while yet conveying resistance. Please pray for both these women!”

Sowing Seeds in Brooklyn

Joseph, a leader in our Brooklyn congregation, has recently been giving away tracts to Jewish students at a local college. A religious Jewish man from Joseph’s Hebrew class was intrigued and asked Joseph  “Is Easter is like a Christian Passover?” Joseph had the opportunity to explain to him that Resurrection Sunday (Easter) celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah from the dead, and that three days earlier during Passover, Jesus was crucified as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Please continue to pray that these little seeds will blossom into full-blown opportunities to share the Good News.

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