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Messianic Jewish Art Calendar 2016-2017 (single copy)

September 2016 -2017 (Calendar year 5777): This year’s Messianic Calendar’s theme will fire the imagination and the taste buds as well. For the next twelve months, you will explore the deep connection between the commonplace daily act of nourishment and the particular role food plays in the worship, celebration and other observances of Jewish life and culture. One of the special joys this year’s calendar holds are the monthly recipes you will find so clearly written and created by Chosen People Ministries Missionary/chef Mitch Forman. The festivals of Jewish life are not only a recollection of our history and a reaffirmation of our destiny, they are also a kaleidoscope of tastes and smells, sights and sounds—all of it combining to create and make the deepest and most memorable impression possible.

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