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Heart for Israel (3 book special- softcovers)

Are you looking for some great books to educate and encourage your heart for Israel? By bundling these three softcover books: To the Jew First, Isaiah 53 Explained, and Out of the Fury, we have made the decision an easy one for you!

Containing a scholarly wealth of information and exhortation to Jewish evangelism, To the Jew First will give you the knowledge and confidence to bring the Gospel to Jewish people.

Isaiah 53 Explained brings new understanding and meaning to this profound portion of Scripture, while providing simple material for those searching for the Messiah.

Out of the Fury, a thrilling autobiography by Eliezer Urbach, will ignite your passion to see the Jewish people come to the knowledge of their Messiah, Jesus.

These books are perfect for anyone with a desire to embrace Jewish evangelism.

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