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Israel, the Church and the Middle East Crisis (DVD)

Israel, the Church, and the Middle East Crisis (DVD) is the result of Chosen People Ministries conference, with over 2,300 in attendance, held at Biola University. The main speakers were Joel Rosenberg, Dr. Walter Kaiser, Dr. Mitch Glaser, Hormoz Shariat (a former Muslim) and Michael Zinn (Director of CPM work in Israel). The conference focused on the current Middle East crisis, with special attention to what is happening in Iran, Syria, Egypt and Israel. It is critical to understand contemporary events from the perspective of Scripture, as all too often we allow ourselves to be overly influenced by CNN, Fox News or even USA Today! We always need to balance our news sources with the truth of God’s Word. Understanding the complexities of the current Middle East crisis and what the Bible says about God’s promised future for Israel and her neighbors will move us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem; more effectively, more intelligently and with greater passion.

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