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Passover: The Festival of Redemption (softcover)

Dr. John D. Garr presents a comprehensive analysis of the historical and theological implications of the biblical festival that is foundational to both Judaism and Christianity. This book focuses first on the very first Passover when the blood of the paschal lamb effected the deliverance of the from Egyptian slavery. Then, it places in this context the redemptive work that Yeshua the Messiah accomplished when he shed his blood on the first New Covenant Passover to deliver all men from the bondage of sin and death.This book discusses the history of both Jewish and Christian observance of the Passover, documenting the fact that all of the apostles and their immediate successors memorialized the death of Jesus on the fourteenth day of Nisan according to the Jewish calendar and detailing the church’s observance of Passover until the eleventh century. In order to facilitate Christian observance of Passover as Jesus and Paul instructed, this volume provides a complete Christian Passover Seder as well as an abbreviated Seder that includes the elements that the Gospels prove that Jesus observed at the Last Supper. It also includes a Christian Passover Celebration in the form of a Liturgy for Holy Communion that features Jewish acts of praise and prayers. Finally, Dr. Garr presents solid evidence and support for the right of all believers in Jesus as Messiah and Lord for observing the Passover by celebrating both the Exodus event and the Calvary experience. By reclaiming this foundational part of Christianity’s Jewish connection, believers can restore an integral part of the faith practices of Jesus and the apostles. 160 pages.

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