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From Bondage to Freedom (softcover)

When the Old Testament closes, the Jews are ruled by Persia; when 400 years later the New Testament opens, Rome holds Israel in it’s iron grasp. In Old Testament times the Jews frequently became idolaters; in the New Testament idolatry never seems to be a problem. Clearly the intertestamental period was an era of substantial change. The era is frequently referred to as “the 400 silent years”, an unfortunate name, for Daniel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah all prophesied about the period, and we have a written record of how God preserved His people during this time and prepared the world for the coming of the promised Messiah. From Bondage to Freedom is a fascinating look at a remarkable period in Israel’s history and provides us with a framework for understanding the relationship of the Old Testament to the New. This book explores the three subdivisions of Jewish history; the era of promise - from Abraham to David; the era of failure - from David to the Babylonian exile; and the preparation for the Messiah - from the exile to the Messiah. From Bondage to Freedom is by Daniel Fuchs and Harold Sevener.


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