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The Carousel of Life - CD (Benjamin & Mia)

Benjamin & Mia

Hailing from Toronto, this young Messianic folk song duo has composed an album perfect for the entire family. Beautiful, rich and unique harmonies that create a whimsical, sweet and smart musical style. Benjamin and Mia's music is characterized by well-blended, warm and rich vocal harmonies accompanied by intricate and colorful chord progressions played on acoustic instruments. Songs of hope and joy that even small children will enjoy.

Track listing:

  • My Hope Is Found in You
  • Orchards' Red
  • I'll Take You to a Place
  • Hold On
  • The Willow Ville Fair
  • Madeline
  • She Cried
  • Light of the World
  • A Pure Heart (Lev Tahor)
  • Coming Home
  • Sandals
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