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Passover Set (5 piece)

Our special PASSOVER SET from Israel has a Seder Plate, Matzah Tosh, Kiddush Cup, Messianic Haggadah and Leader's manual. Each item can also be purchased individually. The Matzah Tosh (unity), or matzah cover, is a pouch with three compartments. Each holding a piece of unleavened bread called matzah; it is a vivid illustration of the unity of God's nature (Note: The Matzah Tosh pictured in the set has been replaced...see individual Matzah Tosh picture). The Seder Plate helps tell the story of the Exodus and points to our Messiah. The Kiddush Cup symbolizes the blood of the sacrificed paschal lamb, or the Lamb of God. It is filled four times during the Passover meal as the story of God's redeeming work among His people, the people of Israel, unfolds. For a view of the Haggadah cover and Leader's Manual cover please check further on this site.

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