Allen and Penny Abrahamson

serving in Portland, Oregon

Allen Abrahamson was born to believing parents and later became a second-generation Jewish believer.  His father had come to faith in Messiah in his twenties and later studied at Moody Bible Institute, from which he graduated.  Dad Abrahamson served as a full-time pastor for 52 years.  Although he heard the Word of God throughout his years at home, Allen was determined not to allow anyone to be Lord of his life.  Consequently, he didn’t put his trust in Messiah Jesus until he was twenty years old.

Ever since then his major passion has been to share the gospel — whether it was during his Army service, in college, in the workplace, while coaching sports, or on the streets of the cities in which he’s lived.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University in 1970 and his Master of Arts in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College in 1971 in Portland, Oregon.  Later he received his Basic and Standard Administrative Credentials from Portland State University.  He taught and coached in middle school and high school for nine years and spent the last twenty-one years of his education career as a public high school administrator.

Immediately after retiring Allen and his precious wife, Penny, moved to Israel with the intentions of not only receiving dual citizenship there but remaining.  God had different plans.  After two years, with their dual citizenship they returned to Portland, where they have spent the past eighteen years involved in Jewish evangelism and discipleship.  They have served with Chosen People Ministries since 2011 and, among other things, they train local volunteers to share the gospel with them in the Portland/Vancouver area.  Allen and Penny have four adult children and twenty-one grandchildren.  They have been married for fifty-four years.