BJ & Carissa Kerstetter

Missionary serving
in Northern Virginia

BJ grew up in Brazil and met Carissa, a Jewish believer, at a Bible school in Wisconsin. Impacted by their experiences as missionary kids, they both passionately desired to reach unreached people groups with the gospel. At a retreat for Jewish believers in 2012, God burdened their hearts for Jewish people, who are actually one of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

The Kerstetters joined Chosen People Ministries in 2014 and have since traveled the globe proclaiming the gospel among Jewish people in Israel, Europe, South America, Chicago, New York, and Virginia. Equipped with a degree in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute, a zeal for evangelism, and the gift of hospitality, BJ and Carissa are now focused on reaching Israeli travelers with the gospel through hospitality.

Every year, 40,000+ Israelis travel around the world and are typically more open to the gospel while traveling abroad than at any other time in their lives. Seeing this strategic opportunity, the Kerstetters helped start a new project in 2020 called Host Israelis, which is a published network of Israel-friendly believers who host Israeli travelers in their homes—at no cost to their guests—to provide a positive witness of the gospel. BJ is also the lead developer for the apps and websites.

Because they have experienced the impact of this fruitful ministry, BJ and Carissa are passionate about multiplying the Host Israelis network. They are privileged to be part of a team recruiting and training new hosts in hospitality and evangelism. Ask the Lord if you, too, should open your home to the bountiful blessings of hosting Israeli travelers. To learn more about Host Israelis, visit

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  • God’s Heart for Jewish Missions - Romans 9-11
  • Gods Plan for Israel - Ezekiel 36-37