Cathy Wilson

Missionary and Branch Leader
serving in Phoenix, Arizona

Cathy Wilson was born in New York City into a Gentile home. Having lived a “religious” life for 17 years, Cathy came to know the Lord during her senior year in high school. Within less than a month, she applied to Northeastern Bible College in Essex Fells, New Jersey. She graduated in 1974 with a B.A. in Biblical Literature.

Cathy and her husband, Bob, are based in Arizona, where she functions as the Arizona Branch Leader for Chosen People Ministries while serving as a “boots on the ground” missionary as well. Cathy established and leads the active Jewish ministry team at Scottsdale Bible Church. The team’s goal is twofold: education of the church concerning the Jewish roots of Christianity and outreach into the heavily populated Jewish community. In addressing this goal, Cathy and approximately 50 volunteers teach several Bible studies at various venues with large Jewish populations, engage in one-on-one visits with Jewish people, disciple new Jewish believers, and present outreaches within various Jewish communities. Cathy also seeks to establish Jewish ministry prayer teams in churches. Elective classes are often taught in churches expressing interest.

In addition to speaking in Arizona and throughout the US, Cathy performs drama sketches emphasizing the importance of sharing Jesus with Jewish people. While speaking at women’s retreats, Cathy has oftentimes entertained and educated through drama, both comedic and dramatic. “I am grateful that God is using this Gentile from the Bronx to share the Jewish Messiah with His people,” Cathy says. “After all, isn’t that what He has told us to do?” (Romans 11:11)