Dr. Daniel Nessim

Northwest Regional Director
serving in Seattle, WA

Dr. Daniel Nessim is a Jewish disciple of Jesus who is passionate about seeing Jewish people come to know their Messiah and grow in their faith in Him.

Daniel has served with Chosen People Ministries since 1998 and has worked in various capacities. In the early years, he and his wife, Deborah, hosted fellowship meetings for Jewish believers in Washington State, touching many lives. Meanwhile, Daniel would meet others during the week, often distributing literature on the street and coordinating outreach at the University of Washington. For more than ten years, Daniel and Deborah served in London, England, where Daniel directed the work of Chosen People Ministries. Together, the couple planted a Messianic congregation in England’s most significant Jewish community. Today, Daniel directs the Chosen People Bible Institute and ministers to Jewish people in Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dr. Nessim holds a PhD in Theology and Religion from the University of Exeter (England), having focused his studies on the life of the earliest believers and their beliefs. He is the co-author of Introducing Your Jewish Friend to Yeshua and has also written Derech Yeshua: The Way of Salvation and a Messianic Jewish prayer book.

Daniel is passionately committed to seeing other Jewish people come to accept the Messiahship of Jesus. He believes there is a great need to “put shoe leather” on how Jewish people can believe in Yeshua and still be Jewish. Thus, he maintains his Jewish lifestyle as a personal commitment while encouraging other Jewish people to accept their Messiah.

Daniel is a skilled communicator who has spoken extensively across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He is available for speaking engagements and interviews, particularly on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and their relevance to believers in Jesus today.

Daniel’s Topics

  • Messiah in the Passover
  • Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus
  • "To the Jew First!" The need for Jewish Evangelism
  • God’s Appointed Times; The Feasts of Israel
  • How to talk to your Jewish friend about the Messiah
  • Hanukkah
  • Israel in Prophecy