David and Victoria

serving in Israel

David was born in Latvia, in a family of Jewish believers in Jesus. As a teenager, he moved with his family to Israel, quickly learned Hebrew and finished high school. After, he enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces and served as guard on Israel’s borders.

David committed his life to the Lord at the age of 17 while reading John 3:16 in a weekly congregation service.  God’s love for him suddenly became so apparent and alive, he was amazed and devoted his life to live for Him and serve Him.

David and his wife Victoria have always had a heart to share the gospel and make disciples by opening their home for fellowship, evangelism, and studying the Bible.   Currently David is volunteering as the associate pastor at a large Hebrew speaking congregation in Tel Aviv. In 2019, David came on staff with Chosen People Ministries. Through his work at the “Mercaz”, David and Victoria continue their ministry of hospitality and spiritually centered conversations by working hard to create a friendly, pleasant atmosphere with Café and Music nights, seminars, Shabbat dinners and many other events.

David and Victoria have two children, Orel and Emanuel.  As a family they also have a vision for reaching Israelis in Asia, since most Israeli believers came to faith while backpacking overseas following their army service. In a few years they hope to open a guest house in Japan for Israeli backpackers who visit Japan by the thousands every year where they will continue this effective ministry of providing a hot meal, along with a warm and welcoming environment that is spiritually centered on the Messiah of the Jewish people.