Medical Devices Developed by Israelis

David Israeli, CEO of Israeli startup Magenta Medical (Source: Times of Israel; Courtesy)

Magenta Medical, an Israeli start-up, is raising funds to continue its development of a miniaturized blood pump to help treat heart failure. The pump is called a Left Ventricular Assist Device. It moves blood from the heart into the main artery, allowing the heart muscle to rest. Heart failure is a global problem and a leading cause of hospitalization and death. With over one million admissions annually in the United States alone, the cost to the healthcare system is significant. This new technology will help with patient prognosis and reduce insurance burdens. The young company also has a second product, which is designed to alleviate stress on the kidneys with fluid overload as a result of heart failure, creating salt and fluid imbalance. This device, inserted into the veins of the kidney, will help remove the excess fluid and salt. Please pray for those who suffer from heart problems, and that this Israeli company can help people worldwide.

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Israeli Elections Deadline

The Knesset (Source: Pixabay)

The deadline for Israeli parties to register for the September 17, 2019 elections has come and gone. Thirty-two parties registered for the national vote this time, down from forty-seven in the elections this past April. The smaller numbers are primarily a result of party mergers. The party with the most seats must work with other parties to form a 61-seat coalition majority. While thirty-two parties have registered, it is projected that only nine parties will reach the 3.25% threshold to gain seats in the Knesset. Polls also indicate that the September vote will be very close and will ultimately result in a similar outcome as the April elections. Please pray for the upcoming elections on September 17th.

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Arrow 3 Missile Defense Tested

Missile (Source: Pixabay)

Recently, Israel tested the Arrow 3 missile defense system in Alaska, with the cooperation of the United States and use of an American radar system. It has the ability to destroy a ballistic missile armed with a nuclear warhead before Israel is in any kind of danger. While Iran and its continued efforts to achieve nuclear missile capability is a clear motivation for the development of this system, the Arrow 3 will provide a defense against any kind of missile sent from any location in the world. The Arrow 3 integrates the United States’ X-band radar, which can identify targets from long distances, even from space. Israel has a similar radar, the Oren radar system, but the X-band is permanently stationed in Israel already and would provide a backup in case there is any issue with the Israeli radar. Israel has three other missile defense systems: the Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and Arrow 2. As Iran continues to build its nuclear program, Israel must always prepare and update its defenses. Praise God for the ability to develop these defense systems against enemies who seek to destroy the State of Israel.

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Israelis in Manhattan

David Trubek, an Israeli believer, speaks at our March Against Antisemitism

There is so much to pray for among our work in Israel; however, we turn our eyes this week to New York City and Chosen People Ministries’ big summer outreach–Shalom New York. There are thousands of Israelis living or vacationing in New York City. It is a popular destination for many; and while they are in the Big Apple, let us pray they run into our outreach teams. We have sent a team of four young people from Israel who are excited to share their faith and testimonies with Israelis in Hebrew on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. They have Hebrew New Testaments and other creative resources and outreaches. Please remember to pray for Shalom New York, now entering its second week, as it is reaching thousands of Jewish people with the gospel, and Israelis, too!