Record Low Number of Israelis Emigrating

El Al airplane (source: Wikimedia Commons)

According to statistics recently published, there was a record low number of Israelis emigrating away from Israel in 2017. With only 14,300 citizens and permanent residents leaving the country for more than one year, it was the lowest since the 1980s. The highest numbers were in 2001–2002, during the Second Intifada, when 27,300 people left. The number of new immigrants to Israel in 2017 was 28,000. Of the 14,300 Israelis who left, 71 percent were Jewish. Of the 28,000 who returned, 76 percent were Jewish. The others were either Arabs, non-Arab Christians, or those who did not list a religious affiliation. Please pray for increased Aliyah (immigration) of Jewish people returning to Israel, especially for believers to easily get their citizenship!

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Armed Militants Try to Sneak into Israel

Iron Dome intercepts rockets from Gaza Strip (Source: IDF, 2012)

Twice within 24 hours, rockets were fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza towards Israeli towns. The Iron Dome intercepted the rockets and only shrapnel fell to the ground. Two people were injured from shrapnel, although not critically, and four others were treated for shock. Less than two hours following the attacks, the Israeli Defense Forces monitoring the region spotted heavily armed Palestinian militants infiltrating the Gaza-Israel border. Their efforts were stopped by an Israeli Air Force helicopter and a tank, which were forced to open fire, killing three and injuring a third. There were at least five Palestinians who had been seen. Please pray for protection along the Gaza/Israeli border, where rockets fall, and armed militants seek to kill and destroy.

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El Al Flight Attendant Dies from Contracting the Measles

Flight attendant Rotem Amitai (Source: YNet)

On a flight from New York City to Tel Aviv in March, an El Al flight attendant contracted the measles. The following day, she developed symptoms and was hospitalized. She had received one of the two necessary vaccines to protect against the virus. She died a few days ago from respiratory failure, one of the complications of the disease. El Al is taking steps in accordance with the Ministry of Health, including immediately vaccinating all of its crew members. Please pray for the flight attendant’s family and friends as they mourn her loss.

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Holocaust Survivors Club Meets with International Visitors

The weekly club for Holocaust survivors that is held in our Jerusalem Messianic Center also had special visitors from Hong Kong and Toronto this week. The groups had traveled the long distance to serve and share about the Lord, especially with these dear survivors. The groups cooked traditional Chinese food and prepared an interesting program for the afternoon. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed meeting more believers in Jesus from far-off lands. Please pray for these encounters to leave deep, lasting marks in the hearts and minds of the Holocaust survivors.