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The Iron Dome’s Amazing Precision

Iron Dome intercepts rockets from Gaza Strip (Source: IDF, 2012)

This past week, southern Israel was bombarded with 450 rockets over 48 hours. These rockets fell in open spaces, city centers, highways, schools, and old age homes. Miraculously, no Israeli has died from these rockets that fell mercilessly day and night. There were 77 people lightly injured, but the Iron Dome intercepted 90 percent of the rockets that targeted civilian areas. The escalation came as a result of Israel’s attack on Islamic Jihad leader Baha Abu Al-Ata, the mastermind and leader behind the operation of rocket factories and the launching of rockets from Gaza to Israel, who was killed in the attack. The result was a two-day onslaught of Islamic Jihad’s rockets from Gaza, while Hamas, with much diplomacy, sat patiently to the side and did not get involved in the battle. Now, with the ceasefire delicately holding, Israel’s aerial strikes of military targets in Gaza have stopped and will not resume as long as Islamic Jihad stops shooting rockets. (Hamas did send a salvo of rockets on Friday night towards Beersheva, the furthest a rocket had been sent, in violation of the ceasefire.) Many schools and businesses had to be closed in the surrounding towns close to Gaza. Children in those areas were out of school from November 12–15, and spent most of their days gathered together in a bomb shelter. In that region, they have only 15 seconds to run for shelter. When the conflict began in the early morning of November 12th, word was sent out frantically for more than 1 million children and 80,000 teachers to stay home and not come to school from the Tel Aviv area south to the towns next to Gaza. This was the first time such a decree has been made since 2014. The teachers were even instructed to get in touch with each of their students to make sure they were home and safe. Please pray for the children who are dealing with anxiety and fear. Please pray for Israeli soldiers to be safe as they are put in dangerous positions. Please pray for the civilians of Gaza to be safe and not get involved in hatred, leading to a desire to kill Israelis. Please pray for the Israeli government’s wisdom and diplomacy in dealing with tense situations. May God’s peace be felt all over the land of Israel and Gaza and even penetrate into their hearts and minds!

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Israel Was Correct About Iran’s Nuclear Violations

Satellite imagery of suspected Fordo underground uranium enrichment facility under construction north of Qom, Iran (Source: Flickr / Wapster)

During a United Nations General Assembly speech in 2018, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared with the world’s leaders that Iran had been breaching their agreement and had been enriching uranium. Now, more than a year later, these allegations have been confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) after they found uranium particles in a location that cannot be made known. Iran continues to violate the uranium deal, with more than 1,000 centrifuges working at their Fordo plant, and a stock of more than 820 pounds of enriched uranium, up from almost 530 pounds in August, and well over the 447 pound limit. Please pray that Israel can continue to find clandestine information about Iran’s nuclear program to help protect itself and other nations against the threat of weapons made from enriched uranium.

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Days Left For An Israeli Government To Be Formed

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Source:

Benny Gantz of Blue and White has until November 20, just days away, to form a unity coalition government. Elections were held September 17, and President Rivlin gave the mandate first to Likud’s Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government. He could not fulfill the mandate, as was the case after the April elections, so Gantz has been given the opportunity. Gantz’s and his party have consistently stated that they will not serve under any prime minister facing criminal charges, and have called for Netanyahu to step down as head of Likud due to the possible indictments pending against him. Blue and White has said a unity government with Likud could be formed “within an hour” if Netanyahu steps down. Netanyahu could request immunity from these charges while he serves as Prime Minister, which is one of the concerns of the Blue and White leadership. Israel’s attorney general should make his intentions known regarding the indictments within the next few days. If Gantz indeed fails to form a coalition before the deadline, a 21-day period will start in which a minimum of 61 of the 120 Knesset members can decide to back any Member of Knesset to serve as prime minister. If the Knesset cannot agree on a new prime minister, a new election will be held. Please pray that a solid and wise government can be formed. The country does not want to have its 3rd election within a year—it would be devastating to the economy and people’s confidence in the political system.

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Holocaust  Survivors Spent Two Days Away From The Rockets

Chosen People Ministries–Israel ministers to Holocaust survivors

In response to rocket fire from Gaza, Chosen People Ministries raised funds to take 25 Holocaust survivors out of Sderot to a safe and relaxing hotel for two days. As the sirens sounded and the rockets fell, the elderly Holocaust survivors had only 15 seconds to run to their safe room—difficult for the young, impossible for the elderly. As a result, many of this group, whose average age is 84, decided not to leave their shelters for two days. One woman from our group said, “It was unbearable. I have never been afraid like this time…explosions, explosions, explosions…and every time it seems that it will fall on us now!” “Just awful! How long can this go on? We survived the Holocaust and now these horrors,” says another couple. During the day, they met for fellowship, read the Word of God, and prayed together. They studied Psalm 27, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” and how this psalm addresses what is happening today. They talked about the fact that our hope is in the Lord, and not in the Iron Dome! Most of these dear ones are not yet believers. Please pray for the salvation of these Holocaust survivors, as time is running short!