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Israeli Start-Up Makes Water Out of Thin Air

Drawing water from a Watergen generator in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (Source: Screenshot/YouTube )

The government of Uzbekistan recently signed an agreement to spend millions of dollars to buy a water-producing system from Israel. Watergen water generators will be dispersed to cities and towns across their country. The 1,720-pound machine draws air in and cools it to extract the humidity. Then, using a series of filters, the drops of water are cleaned and ready for drinking. It can produce up to 210 gallons of water per day, and the only external requirements are air and an electricity source. Uzbekistan is in desperate need of the water. It is a double landlocked country, meaning it is surrounded by other countries that are already landlocked (no access to water). It is one of only two such double landlocked nations in the world. Neighboring countries are attempting to divert Uzbekistan’s only two rivers for their own hydropower, making the need for the water generators even more desperate. The technology was created by a former Israel Defense Forces combat reconnaissance company commander.

Praise God for this innovation and the ability Israel has to help other countries who have water shortages.

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IDF Veterans with PTSD

Israel Defense Force soldiers (Source: Unsplash)

The Ministry of Defense, in honor of the 5th Annual Day of Appreciation for Wounded Veterans of the Israel Defense Force, published data showing 57,277 people have been wounded physically or mentally while serving in the IDF. Almost 5,000 people suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Every person who has gone through rehabilitation is given a team of specialists to comprehensively help with medical, social, and employment issues. It is a high price to pay in defense of the country.

Please pray for those who were injured while serving in the IDF in the protection of Israel and for their daily struggles after.

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The IDF Releases Statistics on Gaza Rocket Fire

A rocket fired from a civilian area in Gaza towards civilian areas in southern Israel (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Israel Defense Force reported that in 2019, there were almost 1,300 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza. The Iron Dome intercepted 478 of them and 729 landed in open territory. The Air Force retaliated by hitting 900 targets in Gaza. More than 66,000 young Israelis reported to their draft offices to start their compulsory service, and 60,000 IDF soldiers were discharged at the end of their service.

Please pray for Israel’s soldiers who are serving and for those who have served and are returning to civilian life.

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Heavy Rains Hit Israel

A rainy street in Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel (Source: Unsplash)

Israel has been hit with an unprecedented amount of rain in the last couple weeks. The 350–400 millimeters of rain broke a 50-year record for rainfall in the north and a 76-year-old rainfall record in the south. The Sea of Galilee has risen almost 10 feet since last year, though it is still about 100 inches below its maximum. More than a year ago, the Sea of Galilee was dangerously low, and pumping was restricted to conserve water levels. Mount Hermon, Israel’s highest peak, received large amounts of snow, causing the skiing site to close to visitors until conditions are deemed safe. There has also been a large amount of flooding around the country as rivers swell, flash floods wreak havoc, and drains are not able to keep up with the deluge. Tragically, five lives were lost due to the floods.

Praise God for the abundant rain falling throughout the country, but please pray for those who have lost cars and homes, and for cities to quickly repair the damage caused by the widespread flooding. Please pray for those who are mourning lost ones because of flooding.

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Japanese Sabbath Dinner

Just recently, in our Ramat Gan ministry center, we had a very unique Sabbath dinner—Japanese style! Believers from Japan came and shared about their country, about the Israelis who go there to visit, and sang worship songs in Japanese. Everyone who came enjoyed the sushi, learning Japanese words, and each other’s fellowship. There were many people who are not yet believers who came and asked many questions about the Lord. Israelis love to travel and often go to the Far East. We have had similar events with friends from South Korea. and many people are excited to come and celebrate the Chinese New Year with Chinese believers. What a unique way to invite people and have amazing conversations about the Lord.

Please pray for us as we host and plan for these unique events when many who are not yet believers can come and learn about Jesus!

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