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The Prime Minister’s Court Date Set

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Source:

Back in January, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit filed three separate charges of corruption at the Jerusalem District Court against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That makes Netanyahu the first sitting Israeli prime minister to be indicted in the nation’s seventy-one-year history. Prime Minister Netanyahu was indicted on charges of bribery, breach of trust, and fraud. Now, the panel of three judges who will preside over the case has been selected, and the trial date has been set for March 17, 2020, just two weeks after the March 2 elections. One of the judges sat on the panel that convicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and who ultimately sentenced him to prison.

Please pray for wisdom during this unknown time in Israeli history when the prime minister needs to appear in court for serious charges against him.

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Friendship Forms Between Iranian and Israeli Athletes

Saeid Mollaei (L) and Sagi Muki (Source: Sagi Muki’s Facebook page)

An Iranian judo champion and his Israeli counterpart recently modelled good sportsmanship by showing the world that friendship rises above politics. The Iranian athlete, Saied Mollaei, had defected to Germany after being told by the Iranian authorities to withdraw from the competition to avoid the possibility of fighting against the Israeli athlete in the semi-finals of the Judo Championships in Japan last August. As a result, the Iranian Judo Federation has now been suspended. Israeli judoka, Sagi Maki, won the gold medal in the half-middleweight class. Maki and Mollaei have become good friends since then after praising each other online.

Praise God for this example of sportsmanship between athletes from Iran and Israel. Pray that their friendship can foster a better international relationship as well.

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Israel’s Third Elections Will Be Held in One Week

The Knesset building in Jerusalem, Israel (Source: Wikimedia Commons / Chris Yunker)

With Israel’s third election in a year to be held on March 2, the two leading parties, Likud and Kahol Lavan, are seen to be close in the polls. Likud, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party, is trying to woo the Ethiopian voters, and Kahol Lavan, led by Benjamin “Benny” Gantz, is trying to attract well-educated former supporters of Likud. As the campaign enters its final week, the only thing that is sure is that, once again, it will be a tight race and hard to determine what kind of coalition can be formed.

Please pray for these important elections and for a government to finally be formed.

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Good Morning Gift Bags to Soldiers

Israel Defense Force soldiers (Source: Unsplash)

A group of young people recently helped our workers in Israel’s northern city of Nahariya to distribute little bags of goodies to soldiers boarding the train back to their bases in the south. Over the weekends, Israeli soldiers are often allowed off their base to return home to spend the Sabbath with their families. (Of course, many will return to their bases with a bag of clean laundry and some of mom’s goodies!) In order to wish them a good week, the bags they were given contained some tasty treats and a smile. Also included was a tract about the recent floods in Nahariya and how God protects us. It is a great way to start conversations with the soldiers and ask them if they need prayer or want to talk about the Lord.

Please pray that in receiving the gift bags these soldiers will see the love of Messiah and be drawn closer to the Lord.