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Sea of Galilee Near Capacity

Sea of Galilee (Source: Pixabay)

Before the weekend, the water level of the Sea of Galilee was only 28.7 inches below its maximum level. Following weekend storms, it gained another 2.3 inches, putting the water level at only 26.4 inches until it reaches full capacity. Since the start of the winter rainy season, the Sea of Galilee has risen almost 88.6 inches. This is extraordinary! The lifeguard stands along the beaches of the freshwater lake had to be moved back due to rising water levels, and some beaches are now flooded.

Praise God for the abundant rain that has fallen during the winter months and the precious return of water in the Sea of Galilee.

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Israel Delivers Disinfectant to West Bank

COGAT coordinate the delivery of 20 tons of disinfectant during the coronavirus outbreak (Source: COGAT Spokesperson’s Unit)

Israel recently delivered twenty tons of disinfectant to the West Bank as a result of their COVID-19 outbreak. The delivery included chlorine, which is the active ingredient in bleach, and hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals will be extremely useful for sanitation and hygiene to help protect against the virus. Leaders in the West Bank are extremely grateful for these materials. The West Bank is the site of the most recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Israel.

Please pray for those in Bethlehem where the virus has had the biggest impact.

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Food Supplies in Israel Can Weather the Hard Days Coming

Delicious Israeli food (Source: Linnea Lebreton)

Agriculture experts say that Israel will have enough food to last until after the big Passover holiday and beyond. By relying on the produce grown in Israel, there will be enough fresh food to supply the population. After emergency meetings with the agricultural councils, it was determined that there are no problems in relying on what the country can produce itself. There are emergency food supplies, but experts say that they will not be needed. Some food suppliers asked for the increased production quotas in case workers got sick or Israel’s neighbors needed more food.

Praise God that the food grown in Israel will be enough to supply the population for a long time.

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Benny Gantz Tasked to Form a Government

Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White party

President Rivlin has tasked Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party (Kahol Lavan) with forming a government. Gantz says that he will put together a left-centrist government within days and hopes that it will be a patriotic government with democratic values that can serve all, including the settlers and the Israeli Arab population. Even though Netanyahu’s Likud party won more seats, his right-wing bloc of fifty-eight seats is not enough to form the required majority of sixty-one seats in the Knesset. Just recently, Liberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party finally sided with Gantz, thus prompting Rivlin to task Gantz first and not Netanyahu. The final form of the government remains uncertain. Whether it will be a true coalition government with both Blue and White and Likud or if it will include the Arab Israeli Joint List party is still to be determined.

Please pray that as a new government tries to form, that the leaders’ hearts would be drawn to the Lord.

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Adapting to New Forms of Ministry

As a result of these changing times, Chosen People Ministries-Israel is praying and seeking creative ways to continue to minister to people, taking into consideration Israel’s social distancing policies. We have canceled events and spent lengthy time in prayer and discussion using digital conferencing about how to continue to serve people. We will be hosting our first digital Hebrew Bible study this week in addition to our other weekly events. We are contacting those who have come to our events via phone, WhatsApp, and Facebook to pray with them and to encourage them. We are also planning to post daily Bible verses for encouragement, fun facts, and helpful information for parents with children at home.

Please pray for us as we seek to encourage and uplift those around us—and we will certainly be PRAYING FOR YOU!