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Massive Immigration to Israel Anticipated

Jewish immigrants from Russia and Ukraine arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv, January 30, 2018. (Photo: AP/Ariel Schalit)

According to Immigration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, Israel should be prepared to receive as many as 90,000 new Jewish immigrants to Israel over the next eighteen months. While much of the projected increase is a result of COVID-19 fears across the globe, it is also expected that more than 8,000 Ethiopian Jews will be brought to Israel. The remaining Falash Mura—the Ethiopian Jewish community—has been a priority for Tamano-Shato, who is Ethiopian-born. The Immigration, Integration, and Diaspora Committee was told that the Immigration Ministry is developing a five-year plan to promote continued increases in Aliyah (immigrations) worldwide.

Please pray for those who are making Aliyah to Israel, that their adjustment would be easy, and that they would find the Messiah Jesus in Israel!

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Medical Breakthrough from Jerusalem

Red blood cells (Illustrative / Source: Wikimedia Commons)

A research team from Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem believe they have solved the mystery of why some COVID-19 patients get seriously ill and even die while others only develop mild or no symptoms. Studies from across the globe have found that more than 30 percent of COVID-19 patients develop blood clots that block the flow of blood to their brains, hearts, lungs, and kidneys. Blood samples from coronavirus patients have been analyzed, revealing that those who die or get seriously ill all have high levels of alpha defensin protein in their blood.  High levels of this protein speed up blood clot formation. If these clots form in the lungs, they can prevent the ability of the respiratory system to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules within the blood stream, leading to respiratory distress and intubation. The drug colchicine, which is currently approved for use in other ailments, prevents the release of this protein, and therefore may be effective in preventing the clots that lead to the worst-case outcomes. Additional testing in human subjects is planned.

Praise God for these developments and research to help fight against this pandemic. Please pray that further research is approved and successful.

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Syrian Infant Flown to Israel for Surgery

A Syrian refugee newborn was rushed to Israel for heart surgery on June 10, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Israel Ambassador to Cyprus Sammy Revel / Israel 21c)

With the help of the Israeli Embassy in Cyprus, a ten-day old infant, who was born to Syrian refugees living in Cyprus, was flown to Israel with his father. The child was born with a congenital heart defect in which part of the heart does not grow properly. Treatment involves a series of three surgical procedures. He received the first of these life-saving heart surgeries on June 14 at Sheba Medical Center, also known as Tel HaShomer Hospital. The surgeon at Tel HaShomer is optimistic. If the baby recovers from the difficult four-hour surgery, he will come back at six months and again at two years for the subsequent surgeries. Success with all three procedures means that the child should be able to lead a normal life. Many children come to Tel HaShomer Hospital for life-saving surgeries from around the Middle East, even from places where there are no diplomatic ties, including from the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.

Please for these dear children who need emergency care that can be performed in Israel. Praise God for the efforts of the doctors and hospitals. Pray that they will come to know Yeshua, the true physician!

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“Ring of Fire” Eclipse Makes an Impact in Israel

“Ring of fire” eclipse (Illustrative / Source: Wikimedia Commons)

An annular eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, but the moon is not quite close enough to block the sun completely from view. Instead, one can only see the outer ring of the sun, the “ring of fire.”  This is unusual, and the full effect can only be seen in a narrow corridor across the planet. The “ring of fire” was visible this time across Western Africa, India, the Arabian Peninsula, and Southern China. The visible effect in Israel, though not as dramatic, still created a 40 percent eclipse that could be seen for two hours and eight minutes yesterday. The next time the “ring of fire” effect will be seen in Israel will be in 2027. During a “maximum solar halo,” which was seen in India, it is like switching from a 500-watt light bulb to a 30-watt bulb.

Praise God for the works of His hands and His wonders in the skies!

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Changes of Plans Are Still God’s Plans!

We hope you can join us in the upcoming years for short-term ministry opportunities in Israel!

During the summers, our workers are usually treated to the partnership of visiting short-term ministry teams from universities and churches. They come alongside us in our daily ministries throughout the country and also take opportunities to share about Jesus with those they meet along the way.  Since they are not joining us this summer, please pray for us as we continue to minister and also take any opportunity to share about Jesus the Messiah!  People’s hearts are open and also in a state of worry, sadness, and confusion about the pandemic. Even if teams cannot join us this summer, you can share among your circles and communities where you live. Maybe next summer, you can come and join us on a short-term ministry trip to Israel!!!

Please pray we can listen, share, and encourage people along their spiritual journey. May those who are ready have eyes and ears to receive this amazing gift of eternal life!