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Large Anti-Government Protests Throughout Israel

Protest in Jerusalem. Photo taken on 7/18/2020. (Source: Eran Menashri / Unsplash)

Protesters all over Israel gathered beside busy intersections, plazas, and in front of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s personal residence in Caesarea and his official residence in central Jerusalem. These demonstrations are only the most recent, with participants demanding Netanyahu’s resignation due to the charges against him for fraud, corruption, and bribery. They have also been joined by Israelis who are protesting his government’s inability to lead during the COVID-19 pandemic and poor economic policies. The prime minister’s popularity in the polls has decreased dramatically. In the biggest demonstration yet, more than 10,000 people gathered in a plaza in Jerusalem. These protests were mostly peaceful, though police were on hand with water cannons and police buses in the event the protesters became violent or destructive as they have in the past. The police dispersed the crowd after midnight and reopened the roads.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel as citizens face hardship and uncertainty about their leadership and the future, as well as division with one another.

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Most Israeli Hospitals Are at Full Capacity

Soroka Hospital in Beersheba (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Israeli hospitals are reaching or surpassing their full capacity of COVID-19 patients. Many of the special wards for the pandemic are located outside the main hospitals in isolated areas. Israel had made extra efforts to purchase ventilators and other special equipment during the spring’s first wave. Currently, hospital staff are not seeing as much need to ventilate as a result of using steroids or remdesivir, an anti-viral medication. With fewer ventilated patients, beds in other sections of the hospital have filled quickly. It has also been noted that people with sicknesses and diseases that are not related to the coronavirus, who did not go to the hospital during the first wave, are now seeking hospital treatment and being admitted in higher numbers than before. Although promises have been made to hire additional doctors and nurses to fill in for those medical professionals currently in isolation, the new staff have yet to be recruited.

Please pray for hospital staff and patients to be safe, healthy, wise, and rise to the challenge of beating this virus—with God’s help!

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Israelis Worry Over Finances

It is unclear when life will return to normal for Israelis (Illustrative / Source: Unsplash / Christina Gottardi)

According to recent polls, more than half of Israelis are worried about how they are going to make ends meet during these difficult times. Concerns are so severe that 21 percent of people have reduced their food intake in order to save money. Many people have expressed anxiety and worry as a result of the national stress from the rise in virus numbers. The country’s unemployment rate stands at 20 percent of the population, which is still dramatically high and partly responsible for the recent protests.

Please pray for those who are struggling financially, emotionally, and physically. Please pray that they would turn to the Lord for His sustenance and provision. He is our Provider and Comforter.

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Our Workers Help Provide Care to Others

Our food distribution ministry in Israel

During the summer, many Israelis usually travel for vacation and to see family abroad. This summer, almost eight million people are “stuck” in Israel. As a result, there are more people and additional opportunity for Chosen People Ministries—Israel to share with others about the Lord and help provide care and support for people in need. The Lord has been opening doors to share with others about the hope and good news found in Him, and many are very spiritually open now! Where we can, we are providing practical aid, as well. The best way we can serve is through a listening ear and an “elbow bump” (since we cannot hug) and asking people if we can pray for them and understand their worries. We talk about ways we can cast our cares on the Lord (1 Peter 5:7). He will provide for you and me through His mighty ways!

Please pray that the Lord will increase the opportunities to share the hope and good news of Messiah!