Inside Israel

Treasure Trove Found

Gold Coins in Israel Museum (Illustrative / Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Teenagers on an archeological dig in central Israel recently uncovered a treasure trove of 425 Islamic gold coins from 1,100 years ago. The coins were in perfect condition, as if they had been buried yesterday. Finding gold coins is unusual because gold is extremely valuable, can be melted down, and is often reused or spent from generation to generation. The coins weighed 845 grams, which is close to $60,000 today. According to a coin expert with the Israel Antiquities Authority, “with such a sum, a person could buy a luxurious house in one of the best neighborhoods in Fustat, the enormous wealthy capital of Egypt in those days.” This amount of money may be an indicator of international commerce on a trade route through this area from Egypt to Turkey. The precise location of the find was not released to protect the integrity of the site.

Praise God for such an interesting find that can add to archeological study in Israel.

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Israeli Firefighters Land in California

Israeli firefighters in San Francisco (Source: Arutz Sheva / Israeli Foreign Ministry)

A team of Israeli volunteer firefighters landed in San Francisco on their way to Sacramento to help fight the battle against the raging wildfires. Currently, California is struggling to contain the fires and prevent damage to homes, businesses, animals, and crops. During the 2018 “kite terror” campaign in Israel, when Hamas was sending flammable objects into Israel, the United States sent over a squad of firefighters to help.

Please pray for this team of Israeli firefighters’ safety and that they can be of tremendous help to the northern California community.

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Fourth Election Averted at the Eleventh Hour

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu at the Knesset (Source: YNet / Knesset Spokesperson)

Israel’s fourth election in two years was narrowly avoided last week when the Knesset voted to delay the national budget until December 23, 2020. Both leading parties could not agree on the national budget. Without an approved budget within a specific period of time, Israeli law requires that the government dissolve and new elections be held. One of the primary issues is the appointment of high-level positions like state attorney and attorney general, both of whom would have influence over Prime Minister Netanyahu’s court cases. Both Likud and Blue & White supported the decision to delay.

Please pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders as they have to learn to work together for the good of the Land and people.

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Israeli Aircraft Flown Over Saudi Arabia

El Al airplane (source: Wikimedia Commons)

In the first stage of normalization talks with Abu Dhabi, Israel sent over a cadre of delegates from Washington and Jerusalem. Israel’s flagship airline, El Al, carried White House advisor Jared Kushner and other aides from Israel and the United States as well as some journalists. Flight number LY971 (971 is the international dialing code for the United Arab Emirates) departed Tel Aviv this morning and will return on Tuesday with flight number LY972 (972 is Israel’s international dialing code). The flight took a little more than three hours since it was allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia. This marks the first time an Israeli flight was allowed in Saudi Arabian airspace.

Please pray for these monumental meetings.

Israel’s Schools to Open This Week

Time for school work! (Illustrative / Source: Unsplash)

Please pray for Israel’s teachers and children as they are about to go back to school this week. Kindergarten and grades one and two will return “almost normal,” whereas grades three and four will need to wear masks and will be in smaller class sizes. Grades five and up will primarily be distance learning. There have been many precautions taken to help maintain as much health and safety for the teaching staff and school workers. Chosen People Ministries—Israel workers continue to reach out to families and friends around them, to offer support, help, prayer, counsel, and the life-saving message of the Messiah. Through these difficult and confusing times, there is only One who is the Rock and Redeemer.

Please pray for everyone’s safety and success in their studies.