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Experimental Drug Helped Patients Recover

COVID-19 test specimen (Source: Pixabay)

Five COVID-19 patients in Jerusalem—three in serious condition and two in critical condition—who were treated with an experimental immunotherapy drug recovered within days and even tested negative for the virus. The drug, Allocetra™, treats the overresponse of the immune system, called a cytokine storm, that is sometimes seen in COVID-19 patients. This can cause severe immune attacks on the body’s organs. Allocetra™ uses the body’s own regulation mechanisms to quiet the storm. The group of five who were treated and released from the hospital have not experienced any adverse effects. Allocetra™ is due to enter Phase II clinical trials for serious and critical COVID-19 patients. The drug is a product of Israeli pharmaceutical company Enlivex Therapeutics, which specializes in immunotherapy.

Please pray for more advancement and positive results in the development of both treatments and vaccines.

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Water Levels Still High After Israel’s Hot Summer

The National Water Carrier near Beit Netofa (Source: Wikipedia / Almog)

After a long, hot summer, the lakes and underground aquifers in Israel are still above the green line. Israel experienced significant rain for the past two winters, which filled up the water sources to their highest levels in twenty-three years! Israel has yet to see rain since mid-spring, but the rainy season will soon begin, replenishing and adding to what was lost during the summer.

Please pray for the rainy season to begin and the Lord’s provision and abundance to be seen in a tangible way.

Hottest September In Israel

This past month was Israel’s hottest September on record! (Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Chen Mizrach)

Israel experienced the hottest September on record with many consecutive days of unseasonably high temperatures. These temperatures broke the previous high that was recorded in September 2015. Temperatures in the Galilee reached above 104ºF for eight days, and in Jerusalem, there were twenty-four days in a row when the temperatures rose above 88ºF, which is the longest stretch since record keeping began in 1867.

Please pray for those who are suffering from the heat—particularly the elderly, children, and those who are sick—as the temperatures in Israel are still very high. In combination with lockdown keeping everyone inside, this a very difficult situation.

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Tel Aviv Voted in Top Five

A mural in Tel Aviv (Source: Unsplash/Nicole Baster)

Tel Aviv has been named the fifth most creative city in the world for its diverse art scene and famed architecture. The top four were Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, and London. Tel Aviv has the most art galleries with more than five galleries per square mile, and Bauhaus and other UNESCO-recognized modern architecture. Tel Aviv will continue to be a top destination once global travel resumes.

Please pray for Tel Aviv as it rises in global standing and respect even though Tel Aviv embraces more secular and alternative lifestyles and antisemitism is rising.

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Israel in the Time of Sukkot

Sukkot booths in Israel

The people of Israel are celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) until October 9 during Israel’s second national lockdown. The streets are quiet, kids are at home, and in the evenings, you can hear the clatter of plates and voices coming from within their booths (sukkot). Wherever there is a little piece of land outside apartment buildings or on people’s balconies, people have built a sukkah. People are eating their meals inside their sukkah and thanking God for His provision and blessing. The times of repentance (Rosh Hashanah) and forgiveness (Yom Kippur) are over, and a time of joy is at hand! Still, Israel is very fragile right now, as the contagion rates are 11–13 percent, which is the worst in the world per capita. Death rates are soaring, and the second national lockdown is firmly in place. But we will not be dismayed or downhearted! Chosen People Ministries—Israel will continue in this mighty work before us. Now, we can meet our neighbors and share a laugh across family tents even while keeping a safe distance apart. We can share with those around us how He will provide for us and knows our spoken and unspoken needs and worries.

Please pray with and for us as we continue to share the joy we have in Jesus and how He will bless and keep us!