Inside Israel

Israel’s Vaccination Program

As of January 10, 2021, Israel has vaccinated more than 1.8 million people with the first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, leading the world in vaccinations per capita. More than eighty percent of people age seventy-five and older have received the vaccine, and people fifty-five and older and those with chronic illnesses can start scheduling their appointments. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid for and organized the delivery of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines months ago, even before they were approved for use. Israel’s four healthcare providers have worked efficiently to roll out the vaccination centers—even in remote parts of the country. Their computerized systems are being studied worldwide as Israel leads the world by vaccinating more than fifteen percent of its population. The second dose administration of the Pfizer vaccine will begin this week, while first doses continue to be completed. The Moderna vaccine, which was just approved for use in Israel, will arrive sometime this month.

Please pray for Israeli citizens and frontline workers at this time as they go through measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

Flying to Dubai During Lockdown

El Al airplane (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Israel’s third national lockdown began two weeks ago but was labeled as “Lockdown Lite.” Schools and high street stores remained opened with distances allowed up to 1 kilometer  (a little more than half a mile) from home. However, as of yesterday, Israel entered into a strict lockdown with schools and most businesses closed and most transportation on a lighter schedule. In anticipation, many Israelis booked airline tickets to travel abroad, mainly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. According to the lockdown guidelines, if a ticket was bought before the restrictions went into effect, it is still good to travel. Otherwise, aircraft at Ben Gurion Airport are limited. Since travel opened between Dubai and Israel, Israelis have been flocking there—with kosher restaurants, large weddings taking place, and the allure of travel that has been unavailable throughout 2020. Even though there is a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine upon return, people still have the desire to travel and get out of their homes.

Please pray for health and safety for all during this strict lockdown.

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Warm Weather in Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Tim Borodin)

During the winter months, Israel should be experiencing rain and cooler temperatures. However, for the past few weeks, the weather has been the total opposite. Warm, sunny weather has become the norm, and everyone is grateful for the much-needed vitamin D. Recently, Israel has seen incredible fog blanketing the coastal regions and the south. The fog was so dense that it caused Ben Gurion Airport to close for a couple of hours. Rain should be returning to Israel toward the middle of January, as it seems like our typical rainy winter got a late start.

Please pray for rain to come as Israel needs it to replenish its water reserves for the hot, dry summer.

We Continue to Share the Messiah!

Illustrative (Source: Unsplash/Aaron Burden)

Please pray for our work in Israel as we keep our eyes on Him and desire to serve and share about Jesus. People are hurt, tired, sick, anxious, and numb, but we have the message of life and love to share with them! Please pray as we seek to reach out to our Israeli friends online and, when possible, in person. We are continuing to make calls to encourage people and pray for them. We see people with many questions during our online Bible studies, and we know that our special classes and online seminars are filling a void in people’s lives. The Chosen People Ministries—Israel staff meet regularly online to pray together and share creative ideas.

Please pray for our staff as we continue to serve, but mostly, please pray for those we are serving—that we would reach them during this difficult time and come to know Jesus as their Messiah.