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Hezbollah Launches Rockets at Israel’s Northern Border

Flag of Hezbollah (Source: Flickr/upyernoz)

On Friday morning, the terrorist group Hezbollah launched a rocket barrage from the Lebanese border against northern Israel. This is the heaviest attack Israel has faced from Lebanon in fifteen years. Of the nineteen projectiles Hezbollah fired, ten were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, six landed in open areas, and three landed in Lebanon itself.

Hezbollah claims the attack was a response to Israel’s targeted aerial strikes in Lebanon on Thursday. However, Israel’s strikes were themselves a response to three projectiles sent from Lebanon on Wednesday, a few days before Friday’s larger barrage. Israel said they have no desire for war and do not want to make the northern border a place of confrontation—but they are prepared to intensify their response if rocket strikes continue. Hamas, a terrorist group in Gaza, congratulated Hezbollah for their attacks on Israel.

Please pray for a quick de-escalation of tension on Israel’s northern border.

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Update on Israel at the Olympics

Linoy Ashram in 2014 (Source: Flickr/IOC Young Reporters)

As the Olympics drew to a close, Israeli athletes excelled in many different sports.

  • Israel’s golden girl, Linoy Ashram, earned the gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics. This is the first time an Israeli has ever won an Olympic gold medal in the sport. Ashram had previously won many European championships and has now achieved her lifelong goal—a gold medal.
  • Her teammate, Artem Dolgopyat, won a gold medal in men’s artistic gymnastics—Israel’s first medal in the sport.
  • Finally, in the men’s marathon, Israeli runner Marhu Teferi came in thirteenth place, a record for Israel.

Please pray that Israel’s historic success at the Olympics would bring joy and encouragement to the whole country.

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Israel Passes First Budget in Longer than Three Years

Naftali Bennett at the HUJI election in 2013 (Source: Wikimedia Commons/The Israel Project)

Last week, Israel passed its government budget. This is a major accomplishment, since the country has not had a budget since March 2018 due to the government’s instability resulting from the four recent elections. Cabinet ministers met overnight to increase the Health Ministry’s budget by one billion shekels and allow the new budget to pass on Monday morning. They granted additional funds to support better mental health programs, such as services for soldiers and civilians suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Arab sector also received more funding for better infrastructure and policing. All the party heads had to compromise to make this breakthrough budget possible. As Prime Minister Bennett said, “Passing the budget will prove the stability of the government and enable the ministers to work in their ministries, implement their plans and serve the public. We are proving that this is a government that deals with helping the public and not with itself.”

Please pray that the government leaders continue to work together to benefit the nation of Israel.

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Height of the Summer in Israel

A family in Eilat (Source: Max Pixel)

As the height of summer is upon us, most subsidized childcare has ended, and families are spending more time outdoors in places like beaches and pools. Please pray for the children’s protection from injury as families are more out and about. Since childcare is less available and parents still need to work, the children are a little less supervised than usual. However, this is also a wonderful time to meet people as they are relaxing in a family atmosphere and willing to discuss spiritual things. In Israel, people love to chat and often open up very quickly, even to strangers. Our workers also love to chat and talk about Jesus in particular, so it is a win-win!

Please pray for the conversations our staff have with Israelis—that the topics would be pleasing to the Lord and pave the way to planting His truths in their hearts!